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Make Custom Rotor Speed Feeds?

28 February 2010 - 03:33 PM

OK so i am looking to buy a new rotor speed feed, But heres the catch.
I want one custom made by one of you people.
i know i could easily buy one that would work from some company.. Dye, Exalt..etc.
BUT i want to kinda support some one making them from home.
I only want to spend 5$ (Incl Shipping) and i will pay using pay pal.

If you make some, or think you have a good idea for one and would mail to me then make a video or show me your topic etc.
I will pick my favorite and buy from you.
i dont have a deadline YET but sometime within the next week would do good.

Also if you have bought from someone that you liked let me know and ill check them out.

My Teams Tourney Video

27 January 2010 - 10:15 PM


Please Rate!
Info from description.

HRL #3, 2010: Team Fatal Republic

This is our team "Fatal Republic".

January 17 2010,
it was our first tournament and we won 1st place in the beginner division.
Tournament was in Katy, Texas.

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Where To Play Tournament?

18 January 2010 - 10:31 PM

So this past sunday my team played in our very first tournament in Katy, Texas called HRL.
We have only been practicing as a team for about a month so we decided to play beginner in the tournament and we came out taking 1st place out of 13 other beginner teams.
So my question is....
Do you think we should move up to rookie division? or play another tournament as beginner for practice? and why please.

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Smart Parts And DLX

02 January 2010 - 10:12 AM

Im sure that everyone knows about the whole smart parts going out of business but i was talking to a guy at my field about a luxe and someone comes up and said "Better get one soon there going out of business" and then the guy i was originally talking to said that they werent, thet Smart Parts and DLX were not like Proto and Dye but that DLX just uses Smart Parts Factories to manufacturer the Luxe.

So which one do you think is true and why?

Smart Parts And DLX under the same company and both are going down? (Rumored)
DLX Just using Smart Parts Factories? (DLX holding strong)

Build Your Own Gun Stand

01 January 2010 - 08:38 PM

So i really wanted a gun stand cause i was tired of having to take my gun apart from my tank and hopper to store it safely. I looked online and came across "Guru Gun Stands" and i liked them A LOT but i didnt want to wait for it (im impatient) so i went looking for some "How To's" and came across this video. ----> Youtube Video
And Decided to make my Own.
You can watch the video and follow the directions and get the exact same results.
BUT i did notice some mistakes they said in the video so im gonna tell you exactly what you need to buy.

What To Buy
8 Feet of 1/2 Inch PVC Pipe
6x 90 Degree 1/2 Inch Elbow Joint )
9x 1/2 Inch "T" Joint
1x 45 Degree 1/2 Inch Joint (Sorta Looks Like An Elbow Joint But More Open)


A little over $13 with tax

If You Want Too (Non-Needed, Extra $)
Shelf Liner
Zip Ties
PVC Glue
Spray Paint

Dimensions (Cut Pieces These Lengths)
Cut One "T-Joint" In Half (Watch Video At 2:22)
2x 2 Inch (Watch Video At 2:20)
2x 5 1/2 Inch (Watch Video At 2:52)
2x 8 Inch (Watch Video At 3:00)
2x 8 1/2 Inch (Watch Video At 3:05 POP UP)
6x 3 Inch (Watch Video At 3:06)
2x 7 3/4 Inch (Watch Video At 3:13)

You dont NEED to glue it together because PVC pipe holds together quite firmly on its own. Plus if you ever wanna move it and dont have the space you can always take it apart.
Also smaller tanks wont fit as good as a bigger tank will, you will have to find a spot on the tank where the stand holds it the best. But it will fit.

Now I made this so you could have a text reference of everything you need buy you WILL need to watch the video to get everything in picture.
Video , Thanks to PHLYEpaitntball

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