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04 January 2014 - 11:17 PM

I've owned piles of their markers, a few of each model, though now I'm down to two Diadems (one kit gun, one DITS) and two Sentinels.


Their takes on existing designs did two things; they improved the efficiency and general functionality of the gun itself, but they also brought (at the time) high end features and upgradability to low/midrange marker platforms which were otherwise too expensive or functionally impractical invest in long-term. Their standard marker, the Sentinel, was an STBB (think Spyder) but featured Autococker barrel/ detent threading and Angel feedneck threading as well as a delrin bolt, and could be upgraded to a FASOR (think Infinity Legend) by purchasing and installing a kit.


The best feature of AM guns are the "tweakability" - you can adjust the HPR pressure and the rear IVG like most other markers, but you also have control of the cupseal spring via under-barrel adjustment points. The second best feature was that every model looked good out of the box - neat Tribal milling and quality anodizing made them more than your typical low/midrange brick, tube or series of tubes.


Illusions are amazing; almost like an SS25 conceptually, part Spyder, part Sniper, and smarter than the two put together. Dual AC detents, Angel feedneck, dual pump arms, delrin pump handle, delrin bolt, delrin wrapped hammer, and a crisp swing trigger - not to mention the optional stockfeed. Shorter, lighter, and far more customizable than other stacked-tube pumps of its time. It was no more an "autococker" or "sniper" than an AKA Merlin or Azodin KP is, completely different specs all around, but that didn't stop K2 from threatening them... that was not the only reason they withdrew from the market, though.

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28 December 2013 - 04:03 AM

i have to wonder if its a regional problem... friend of mine loves DP guns and couldnt figure out why we hate em ( im in frizzle frys area) he tried teching a couple of g4s from people here and was stumped why they were so bad couldnt get em working right


Remember the brand new one where the eye cover snapped and we ended up holding it on with a daisy chain of O-rings? And his friends kept popping the back cap off. I'd forgotten that completely. Oh, and ask Pierce why they decided to stop carrying DP - it's a lot funnier the way he tells it; there are all sorts of expletives ya just can't repeat on the forums.



http://www.youtube.c...h?v=pdpELsrM-3k Just watch this. all of it.


It's funny he should say the board and trigger were the big issues with the G3 - I've always heard that the boards and solenoids were supposed to be rock solid. Gotta love a factory-fresh marker that needs a full teardown/lube, Loctite all around to keep from shaking apart, only to shoot between +/-7 over the chronograph and bring the phrase "heavy kick" to the spoolie market LOL




Anyhow, am I wrong to inherently dislike any paintball company who has "dangerous" in their name? Bad press has always hurt this industry - what a dumb name.

In Topic: Mystery Benchmark thingy

28 December 2013 - 03:58 AM

This one could store in certain foregrips, there was a packaged set sold. It didn't fit the older style which was more narrow around the mounting bolt.


PTP/Benchmark were making "Gadget-Grips" long before Smart Parts / Eclipse started marketing them.

In Topic: Mystery Benchmark thingy

24 December 2013 - 03:58 AM

No, only the body was aluminum.

In Topic: Why dont ppl like Dangerous Power?

23 December 2013 - 12:40 AM

The other majority are people who have owned one but treated it like complete crap and simply didn't/don't know the basics of marker maintenance.


That doesn't really jive with what people have experienced, though. How can not knowing "the basics of marker maintenance" account for sloppy tolerances or off-spec threading? I tend to believe it when people complain about leaks, if only because I experienced it myself with four markers from the same manufacturer, never mind that this store dealt with dozens of them failing right out of the box. It seems only person who could have possibly mistreated a brand new marker is the person who assembled it.


The only thing I can say about marker maintenance is that my Threshold (man, loved that gun) suffered from serious bolt stick if it wasn't lubricated before every day of play. I can't say for sure, mostly because I've never owned another DP spoolie that actually worked, but I'd assume the same is true of their other guns. To me that wasn't a problem because I loved it and I'm very meticulous in my care for my markers, but I could see how it could be a pain for the average user... There are plenty of well-appointed electros in that price range which can offer the same function without the need to tear down and lube after every case to maintain that level of performance. What might be called "treating like complete crap" when it comes to maintenance for a DP marker is standard for, say, a Mini, Rail, Etek or Etha, all of which can go 5+ cases with only basic cleaning and not really suffer for it. Does that make DP worthy of "hate", probably not, but I could see it steering some customers elsewhere, especially those less experienced who need a more user-friendly marker.