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In Topic: Dust Or Normal

11 April 2010 - 02:42 PM

OK Thanks, one more thing, what bore size should I get and I'm guessing it's cocker threading?

In Topic: Dust Or Normal

11 April 2010 - 02:39 PM

Is your PMR dust or polish?



In Topic: $300 To Spend

25 January 2010 - 06:04 PM

Dont bother with a tank cover for a steely its a waste of money steelies are invincible..
Get the speedfeed but become comfortable with your marker before installing it.
Dont get the extra mask Helix is essentially the younger brother of the invert avatars and they have great foam padding great vents and thermal lenses only real difference is color choices are limited and avatars come a tinted lens.

EDIT: and you need lube not gun oil for a blitz :D

Really? I thought all poppits used oil.

In Topic: $300 To Spend

25 January 2010 - 05:16 PM

the package deall is very good but i think he has no need for a tanks cover and the speedfeed just yet same with the profilers. just get the package and the podpack and Standard Paintball Gun Tune Up Kit (dont really need it but good to have).

he can the vents helix and if he dont like them get a new one, and if he donesnt like the lid on the invert halo too get the speedfeed just wait until he uses that set up to add anything.

The speedfeed is only a buck so he mine as well get it.

I guess your right about the mask. But the only thing is I'm afraid he might not like it and he'll want to get a new mask anyway. He said he needs a mask with foam. I'm not sure if the Helix has foam.

I realize that the tank cover is unnecessary but he really wants it.

Thanks dude!

In Topic: $200 for EVERYTHING

12 January 2010 - 09:24 PM

I don't necesecerily want a gun that is the most expensive, i want one that will function

If you can spend $300 dollars than I recommend going with my setup. ;)

Personally this is what I would get.

[attachment=5274:Untitled.png] (Click)

You get the awesome Blitz deal. http://www.paintball...lelpagunb1.html

The best Pack for the price that INCLUDES FREE PODS. http://www.paintball...nxe3hatpse.html

A nice Tank Cover. http://www.paintball...e47altacob.html

You get Lube, a Squeegee, a Barrel Swab, and Tank O-Rings ALL FOR $10! http://www.paintball...paguntuupk.html

A Fill Nipple cover which is very useful for keeping your Fill Nipple clean. http://www.paintball...ufinicobl1.html

A Speedfeed FOR $1! http://www.paintball...hatrspfeli.html

A Smoke Lens which is very useful during a very sunny day. http://www.paintball...veevthlesm.html

That all comes to $300 dollars!

IMO, that's the best setup you can get for the price.

Also, I have a couple tips to share with you.

First, only use a tiny bit of Lube on the bolt. The bolt is delrin so it's self lubricating but using a little bit of Lube wouldn't hurt.

Second, always make sure your gun, barrel, bolt, breech, and anything else is clean and free of dirt before you play. Also, make sure your hopper is clean.

Third, make sure you take care of all your stuff. For example, don't leave your mask on the floor or leave your gun where it can easily get knocked over and stuff like that. I would recommend doing what I did. Clean out a shelf in your closet or somewhere similar, and put all your stuff on your shelf neat and organized.

Fourth, make sure you don't over fill your tank.

Fifth, HAVE FUN!

Happy Balling!