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Spyder electra leaking from barrel! Help!

10 April 2010 - 08:34 PM

Hello guys, my spyder electra just leaking air straight outta barrel right after I turn the air on. I checked the o-rings, cup seal, they seems fine to me. Can any one please tell me what is wrong with my gun?! and how to fix it?

If this problem is too complicated to fix, can i bring it to my local PB shop let them fix it? how much it will cost me?

Thank you so much!!

P.S. it seems like it doesn't leak as much after cocking the gun.

9V battery VS. 9.6V battery

12 January 2010 - 08:23 PM

hello guys, I bought the e-trigger lately, I was told that it prefers the rechargeable 9.6V battery instead of 9V battery, why is that? Is it mean my trigger won't work with 9V battery? How long do I need to charge my battery? Is it bad for the battery if I over charge it?


Play with a leaking gun?

12 January 2010 - 01:08 PM

Hello guys, when I was doing the maintenance for my RAP4 T68 marker, after I gas it up, I heard a very tiny leaking sound around the trigger area. I just wondering what cause the leaking sound? Does it mean one of my O ring wore out? is it okay if I still play with my gun WITHOUT changing the O ring?
Do I HAVE to start changing my O ring now? How about lubing the O ring? What kind of lube I should get?

P.S. I had this gun about 5-6 monthes, never changed O ring, never lubed it before.

Thank you!

Cold weather and chopping balls?

21 December 2009 - 11:03 AM

Hello everyone, my friend and I was playing in the woods around 1 am last night. The temp was around 40-48F, maybe even lower. After 1 magazine of paintballs (18 round), I had horrible barrel breaks/chopping balls, paint just coming out of barrel like spray paint.

1 thing caught my attention was: I was using DXS paintball (the leftover balls from paintball field $40 a case), and my friends were using wal-mart balls ($25 a case). For some reason, my DXS paintball shell was SO hard that I couldn't even pinch it to break the ball. Moreover, I was using the same paint at the field 2 days ago with no chopping at all.

I've been using my RAP4 T68 for 3 monthes, and I never had any kind of chopping b4; therefore, I got the feel that maybe the cold weather made the good paintballs too brittle to shoot? Since I am still pretty new to this sport, I am not sure what caused this horrible barrel breaks/chopping balls.


How to accurately shooting people from far away (75 ft+)?

20 December 2009 - 12:20 PM

Hello guys, I went to my "home field" orlando paintball last night, I had a problem after few games: I was having hard time shooting people from far away, my paintballs just couldn't reach them. That forced me to get close to my opponent, and usually, I got shot while I was runing between bunkers >.<

During the game, I can see other people have the same problem, I saw their balls just roll over by my feet. Ugh, it just really frustrating when you can see your opponent but you can't do anything about them.

My questions is: is this same thing happened to you guys b4? and what should I do? Should I jack up my fps? or... is it the low pressure output from my tank? b/c I remembered that I didn't unscrew my remote line screw all the way up.

My setup: DXS cf HPA 65/4500 tank with remote line, RAP4 T68 CQB magazine feed, DXS paintball.