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Being Content with Your Gear

08 October 2012 - 01:10 PM

I've just been noticing this a lot lately; why is nobody happy with their gear?

It seems no matter what a person's shooting, there's always a $2500 gun that shoots a tad better and comes with a fancy case that THEY MUST HAVE because their G6R w/ Hush Bolt shoots like shit and it so lame and old and yadda yadda.

I definitely get the sense of "want" people get from the high-end hyperguns, and I know some people passionately collect markers. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Civic, of course you want the big red V12 on wheels.

But, I don't see why people with their Axe or Etek or whatever marker on the field always seem so obsessed with upgrades, and getting a better marker, and spending $150 on a fucking barrel to shave off .2mg of weight. It really isn't necessary, you have a fantastic marker that will reliably put down a stream of paint however fast you want at 300FPS when you pull the trigger. Why obsess over ridiculous, overpriced upgrades that offer next to no performance gains? Or NEED to own markers twice the price of your own because they come with a barrel kit and are half a pod more efficient? Why not quit worrying about your Agg points, and be content with what you have? I can't speak for everyone, but I hate that feeling of "my shit isn't good enough", and I find that's all you feel when you're constantly drooling over Luxe's and Geo's. When you're content with that you have, and you can go to the field every Saturday without being jealous of other people's things, you'll probably be much happier.

I've been running a G4 TechT with a Halo Too and a Ninja tank for about 2 years now, a setup considered just above entry level for a lot of serious paintballers. Am I impressing anyone with my gear? Nope. Does my gun have a fancy LCD telling me how fast I shoot? No. Do I have a barrel kit with 17 different bore sizes in case I decide I wanted to shoot peas that day? No, sir. But, does my marker lay down a consistent 13BPS stream at 300FPS every time I pull the trigger? And am I able to play better than the majority of others at the field? Yes.

Obviously I'm generalizing, this isn't gonna apply to a lot of people. It's just that people moaning on and on at the field about how their Rev-I isn't good enough is getting old. Quit obsessing over unnecessary upgrades, don't feel like you NEED to have the new PlanetBobAlienDevDyePower EgoLuxeDMDroidGeo1700.5, and take that $60 you we're gonna throw away on a new regulator and play some paintball with it.


Your opinions?

O-Ring Kits

02 April 2012 - 04:29 PM

The other day, while rebuilding my ASA with a relatively uncommon o-ring, I wondered why nobody here ever recommends picking up an o-ring kit to those who are buying a new marker?

The majority of the people who come on the forums asking about purchasing a new gun, or "I'm getting a _____ what else should I buy?", are generally new to the sport and often aren't looking at higher-end markers. While people buying high-ends may be fine, lower-end markers often come with tiny o-ring kits, consisting of a few main o-rings.

So what happens when, say, a regulator o-ring blows? They're normally SOL unless somebody has a spare at the field.

At Oring Monkey, you can buy 5x rebuild kits for $12. Sure, that's an added expense to the marker, but it seems that people are dead-set on upgrading parts the moment they get the gun anyways, why not put money into something useful?

To the left, in the bag with the red, is the o-ring kit that comes with the Dangerous Power G4. There are about 3 missing, but it's still quite small.
On the right is the 5x rebuild for $12, which contains every o-ring in the marker, and will keep it going for quite a long time.
Posted Image

I just feel like these should be suggested more for people buying new markers, or for people who just have some extra money to put towards paintball. Just my two bits

O-Ring Help

23 March 2012 - 04:09 PM

So I have absolutely no clue how o-ring sizes work, so could somebody please find an o-ring for me on Oring Monkey?
The dimensions, according to Dangerous Power, is 3.69X1.78. That's all I know.


Your Paintball "Horror" Stories

18 March 2012 - 06:03 PM

We've all had them. Days where you show up at the field, but instead of playing, you have to deal with an endless shitstorm of problems, be it your marker, players, the field, or otherwise.

Though this thread would get some good stories, so tell us, what are some of your paintball "horror" stories?

I had a pretty awful day Friday. Showed up to the field after an hour of sitting in traffic, only to find maybe 7 owners and 1000 renters. My cousin, who I normally go with, and normally brings paint, bailed out last minute, so I was stuck spending $55 on a case of whitebox Spectrum. And these renters were not just renters, but the CoD renters, with the "maps" and the "bullets" and the "sniping" and the "noobs". The CoD references got so bad that the field manager even commented on it.

Anyways, I'm maybe two games in when the microscopic o-ring in my ASA (RAPS) breaks (insert paragraph about how shitty G4's are), and leaks like a cardboard submarine. How? Who knows. In my many years of paintball I've never seen anyone's ASA o-ring break. Of course, the o-ring I need to replace it isn't in the o-ring kit that came in the box, or the $30 o-ring kit from Dangerous Power. The proshop doesn't carry them, and the front desk, gun owners, and the backroom where they repair rentals doesn't have any either.

So, I've played 2 games, and I've spent the last two hours trying to find this damn o-ring, and trying to squeeze any o-ring close to the same size in to seal it. Nothing.

I'd rather not go home just yet, so I do my walk of shame to the front desk to pick up a rental. After taking the miserable excuse for a marker apart, cleaning it myself, re-lubing it (bone dry, naturally) and slapping on my Halo and my Ninja, I set off to play. I got a good bit of snickers from others, to see somebody in full speedball gear have a Halo and a 68/45 on a sad little ER3. I played a few games, and eventually gave up, getting sick of the bolt smacking me in the mask, and trying to play bunkers with a 9" barrel.

So, maybe 5 games played, I sit down and talk with regulars/refs for the next hour. Eventually a regular decided he didn't wanna play anymore, and let me use his Rev-i for the last couple of games. I gave him a bag of paint for helping me out, and because I barely used any paint that day, but I'm honestly not sure what he's going to do with 500 greasy marbles.

5 hours at the field, 7 games played, endless frustration with my ASA, CoD renters everywhere, just a really bad day.

TL;DR: Gun went down cause of one uncommon o-ring, tried playing with a rental, it sucked. Gave up and sat for the majority of the day.

Biggest A-Hole You've Played

07 January 2012 - 12:35 AM

I figured we'd get some pretty interesting stories out of this.

So, who's the biggest asshole you've ever played, and why exactly does he earn that title?

The cake for me would have to go with this douche I just played a few hours ago. 

I'm in a center bunker, holding somebody down in a bunker to my right. 

My left, who was covering snake side, decided to move without a single word, so I assumed he still had snake covered when he didn't. Low and behold, I get shot in the back from snake by Mr. Douchebag. I reach down to check for a bounce, when he hit my hand, so I just threw my gun up and called myself out. 

Now, at that point, anybody with half decent trigger control would stop shooting. Not Mr. Douchebag. He continues to light up my back with 17 more shots, 5 hitting my pods, the rest making a nice trail up my back.

Unfortunately, the ref who was far down the field didn't pick up on this blatant overshooting, and all I wanted to do at the moment was get the fuck off that field.

When I look down to my hand, I notice it's bleeding slightly. Why? Because Mr. Douchebag was shooting so hot that 4 shell fragments actually pierced though my skin and stuck there.

As soon as he walks off after the game, I absolutely lose my shit on him, so the ref comes over and breaks it up. I show him the hits, cuts, and demand that he chrono's his gun. The field limit is 250 (indoor), but the refs let you get away with a 275 max. Mr Douchebag, however, decided it would be a great idea to shoot his thick shelled Red Legion shit at 340

Needless to say, he's banned from my field, but he had the audacity to complain to his buddies about how I was "overreacting", as the ref hauled his ass off the field.

To make it worse, I'm teaching my first lifeguard training lesson tomorrow, and my back looks cheeta-printed.

So, I'm sure people will easily top my story. Who's the biggest ass you've played?