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In Topic: Rotors, SLG's, and Boomstick to go up in price

18 February 2010 - 11:05 AM

^^dont even care to answer that

With the "NT isnt worth the money" its exactly the same as the SL and Ego guns from Eclipse.
those who want a SL buy one and doesnt care for thier price. the ones who are all "bang for your buck" buys a ETEK or a used ego...

At least with the SL you get options. Also note, the SL is the ONLY $1300+ marker with a display. Who pays that much and still has to deal with led's?

In Topic: Rotors, SLG's, and Boomstick to go up in price

18 February 2010 - 09:43 AM

Dear DYE,

Coming from someone who has an extensive amount of experience with your products (as well as owning a lot of them currently on the market) I must say you are destroying your name. You have built a cult like empire based off you name and in the recent years you have been destroying it.

  • The rotor is not worth the price. It jams. It's slow. It's harsh on paint. The windows give you next to no visibility. The lid size is the same as a standard lid size. The weight is the same as a halo. The capacity is horrible. Sure it's simple and durable but not worth twice the halo price.
  • The boomstick/ultralite (both carbonfiber and aluminum) are not worth the price. Dye, wake up. Barrels do not add accuracy nor noticeably effect shooting through breaks. Your "ultralite" was light when we used stainless steel barrels. Unfortunately now your "ultralite" is just decent at weight at best.
  • The NT is not worth the price. It's comfortable, but it has the same hyper 3 reg since the dm8. The same asa SP has used for years. Same barrel. No display. Same trigger that's been out for years. It's loud. So what's this "new technology"?
  • The I4's are not worth the price. Foam sucks. Opening in foam sucks. Vents in top create a glare. Locks suck. Some lenses are molded to have gaps at the bottom. Obviously, the protection sucks. And the glue holding on the dye logo's come off after very little use.
  • The DM is falling behind at a rapid pace. Same gun that's been out since 2008 with a different trigger and no marker purge valve... OK?
  • The SLG is the worst gun on the market. Don't even need to explain. The quality on this is pathetic.
  • The Primo loader doesn't work efficiently. At five times the price and you still have to shake it? Get fucking real.
  • Your Proto line is killing your DYE soft goods. Lower price, same shit. And the pro axis smokes the I4's.

Now if you plan on saving your company I highly suggest you get your shit together. This is not the act of a successful high end company. You products are not what they think they are. They are already over priced and under performing. I hope you can accept this as constructive criticism. Please don't run your company into the ground.

In Topic: It's not a "shake and bake" loader/hopper.

12 February 2010 - 10:16 PM

Since when has sticktodrum been on the nice side of TechPB?

He is simply stating that a describing comment on a gravity loader has been taken out of context... Kind of like the "Don't use the "R" word" thread. Shake and bake is a style of cooking. Shake and shoot would be a legitimate comment referring to a gravity loader.

In Topic: Stop Using The R-Word.

07 February 2010 - 05:36 PM

This is what the general society does...

[context] [word]

This is what it should look like...

[word context]

re·tard 1 (r-tärd)
v. re·tard·ed, re·tard·ing, re·tards
To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.
To be delayed.
1. A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.

Notice, nowhere does it ever say "mentally handicapped, mentally challenged, or having a learning disability."

Now lets talk about offensive slang:
re·tard 2 (rtärd)
n. Offensive Slang
1. Used as a disparaging term for a mentally retarded person.
2. A person considered to be foolish or socially inept.

Two completely different meanings. You could even mean it as offensive slang but still use it's conceded meaning as definition of "retard 1".

Let's move on to the "N" word for a second. The "N" word ending in "A" is a slang meaning generally referencing to that of a friend character. This is particular word is taken out of context all the time. This words meaning and the next are completely different. The "N" word ending in "R" had an original meaning of a person of a dark skinned color. In modern terms it specifically has a definition of a disrespectful fashion.

Back on topic, you are taking the word retard out of context and I fully agree with sticktodrum.

In Topic: Smart Parts Impulse 09

22 January 2010 - 04:08 PM

Well let's reserve the "over priced" to more facts and less preference.
I may not like Angels, but they have everything Ego's and Creeds do so should I say they are "over priced" because I don't like them? No.

Over priced means that there are other products within the price range that offer more than that product. That is not the case in this situation.