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I don't understand people

26 November 2009 - 10:45 AM

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

I was watching the W.E.(Womens Entertainment) last night and they where doing a special on abducted kids... As they would do the stories they would do it in sections (missing, 6 months missing, 1 year missing, etc.) and I noticed that these mothers where religious. They believed God would bring their kid home. The question is, why would God take their innocent kid away in the first place? Five to Ten years later most of the kids where found dead and the abductors where persecuted. Some of the persecuted where also religious... So when they ask for God's forgiveness(as they believe Jesus is his savior) they will go to heaven? This makes a lot of sense.

I know some of you have witnessed this thread below about the woman that have been abused by "terrorists". Being that I am female, and have female friends I know that females get abused often. Even someone I knew was put in the E.R. and ended up passing away because of an abusive relationship. Where was God in those cases? Why does He allow this to happen? Why doesn't He protect humans as "we are his children"? Aren't parents supposed to protect their children?

Someone chimed in and said, "This is what happens when you don't have God." Well isn't this God's work? He is "here" regardless of if you are religious or not. This point is invalid considering these "terrorists" are actually religious.

I just can't seem to comprehend why humans believe so blindly. They blindly believe what the government tells them, what "authority" figures tell them, what friends tell them, etc. God simply does not exist because everything logical goes against it. As this video stated, by the definition of "exist" that would mean that something would have to comply with our laws. A law states that everything that "exists" must be made up of matter or energy. To protect that law we must be able to use one of our five senses(hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing, or tasting) which we can use as tangible proof or evidence that something exists.

So by pure definition God does not exist. We can't use our five senses to prove it, nor is He made up of matter or energy. There is no evidence that God exists. Another thing that bothers me about religion is that everything that positive that happens came from God. However, negative acts of God are never spoken of. Such as those children being kid napped, or those women being abused. No one ever says it's God's fault, but only God gets credit when a positive act happens.

Thanks for tuning in, eat well.