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Scuba Tank Size

24 November 2009 - 10:56 AM

Hello, I have decided on a Ninja 68/4500 tank, I am going to purchase a scuba tank plus a filling station as I live quite far from my pb site. I am confused what type and size scuba tank I need, they do all sizes from 3Ltr to 16Ltr, if anyone uses one could you tell me what size one you have and how long it lasts etc, Cheers Guys

Newbie wanting to start Paintball!

23 November 2009 - 08:00 PM

Hey Guys, Im from the UK and I really want to start paintballing I have been to quite a few paintball sites now this year just using rental stuff but using my own mask (Dye i3 white), after my experience last week really enjoying it I decided I would like to take paintball up, but I got a tonne of questions, heres just a few. Without sounding like a knob, money isn't too much of an issue so would it be possible for someone to help me out with reccomendations of a kit list I would need to get started out, I mean every little thing il need as well, I was looking at the Dangerous Power G3 Marker looks pretty sweet, also something which has me baffled is how do you refill your CO2/HPA bottles do you have to have your own massice cylinders etc? Which gas to use CO2 or HPA? and does every marker have a certain gas it uses?, as you can probaly tell im a complete newbie....hey you gota learn somewhere, any help and replies will be much appreciated, Thanks... Poor Bug