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In Topic: Day of the Rangers 2011

08 May 2011 - 07:32 PM

any word on who the generals are going to be?

In Topic: Day of the Rangers 2011

04 May 2011 - 09:16 PM

First time for me at HS and dor can't wait to check this field out

In Topic: nsr0387's feedback

04 May 2011 - 08:54 PM

Sold an etek 2 to him, great to work with had all info up front and payment was sent same day. Posted Image

In Topic: Fort Knox April 9-10 "Greed" Big Game

28 February 2011 - 10:35 PM

This will be the first big game of the year for the IYAOYAS can't wait to play at knox again :tup:

In Topic: new geo owner!

18 December 2010 - 03:29 PM

Check the detents for wear

Install a fresh name brand batt. Energy is the best

Using a force loader? Turn the force down

Try and raise the ball detection time 2.0ms

If and when you get the gst bolt raise the dwell to 14.5

temp you are playing in?

As stated above the gst bolt will help alot as it makes the air flow slower and controls it better.

Paint to bore match?

Try another paint