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27 August 2014 - 04:20 PM


If you're going to blame it on anything blame it on poor ownership. Mike could care less about the forums existence. He's said it before and I'm sure he'd say it again. In fact he probably wouldn't mind getting rid of it because it's a "pain in the ass" and it's one less thing he'd have to deal with. He's a busy guy with a family and other priorities. which is very understandable. I don't want to speak for him, but I'm pretty sure he's too busy for techpb at the moment. To me it's just plain obvious now. It's on the back burner. I understand it though. It's just not as important as it once was, especially when you put it next to family.


Read the link and I understand what he is saying but it still kinda caught me off guard. If he is busy with family, work, etc. and if that is how he felt about the forums than yea I understand his lack of involvment with the forums as of late and in turn how this would negatively impact the activity on the forum.


In the past there was videos (yes plural) damn near weekly, weekly webcast videos, a busy chatroom, giveaways, clubs and a helpful staff... All of these have dwindled to it's current state of near non- existence. Understandable non-existence, however.


This is what I remember, the radio shows, the chatrooms, the videos, the countless hours wasted well spent on these forums. Being able to post a topic or post and within minutes (if not seconds) there would be a reply. Just the interactions with people that I had never met before but being able to build a relationship with them through something as simple as a common hobby.


Feeling mighty nostalgic at the moment remembering all the good time I've had on here.


It really is a damn shame that this is what the forums have been reduced to and though this forum may never be like the glory days again, *cheers* to the memories


. I agree with soup. The people that were around back in late 2008-2010 know that Mike put a lot of time and effort into the site and so did Willie and Kitty and the other major mods. It was just way different and when all the cool stuff like videos and things went away techpb went away. It used to be awesome though. I got out of paintball the last two years or so but lately i have really been missing it and have been trolling the forums catching up some and looking around the BST to make try to get myself another gearbag put together and damn its crazy to me how dead this site was. I used to be the king of posting topics lol especially in the news and i would get pages of comments in minutes. I dont think its facebook either because i remember back in those days i was using facebook a lot to follow Mike and other paintball personalites and it wa popular then too. Like soup said MIke has a life and i completely get that and he has a very successful company now and i get that as well but i really wish the site was bumping like it used to.

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27 July 2014 - 06:04 PM

I think the biggest detriment to Techpb is that the core group of members is in a transition stage in their lives. A lot of guys that used to be on here all the time while they were in High-School are now transitioning into college and real life. 

Yup. Pretty much what happened here.

In Topic: Did it die?

23 July 2014 - 01:35 AM

I remember when this site was bumping haha. I would post a topic and have a few pages full of comments in minutes. Its kinda sad to me to log on after not checking the site for 6 or so months and seeing how dead it is. Everybodys right though the internet is way different now than it was back in like 2009-2011 when i remember techpb was killing it. Mike was making a lot more videos back then too.

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25 December 2013 - 02:29 PM