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In Topic: Has techpb officially died?

13 March 2016 - 06:52 PM

Whoever posts last, wins...

Lol i remember you.

In Topic: Bonnaroo

28 February 2016 - 07:58 PM

Ill be there.

In Topic: Not Dead =)

25 January 2016 - 09:32 PM

I've always been of the opinion that Mike's activity on his channel directly affects the traffic we get here. When he's not making videos, the site slows down.

Granted, I'm well aware that he has enough on his plate at the moment, and an update similar to what you're describing certainly couldn't hurt, but a little push from Mike somehow could go a long way.

Also, bring back the old chat. That feature has been sorely missed by myself and at least a handful of others.

True but due to recent events on a certain other paintball site it seems as though he has a lot of other things to worry about right now. Honestly shocked to see the forums back up. 


Good to hear from you Orange. Glad all is well man.

In Topic: Has techpb officially died?

25 January 2016 - 09:29 PM

It's nice to see so many old names coming back from the graves. I personally thank everyone for their support throughout the years. Life comes in and takes us away but it's nice to see the live still remains even after all this time.

We came in with a mission to change and make the improvements to an industry where we saw needs. We did things one thought of or did as the time. We provided honest opinions that seemed to coincide with what many of the players thought. As the years went on everyone knew what to the same honest review of your products. Either test and make it right or don't release like you did previously. So the good companies and products shined, it created a bar to strive for.

So as the products became better. The videos of maintenance became done by those more in depth of the knowledge than we had. They know why they do or don't something. We started accountability in products. Since they knew reviews from many sources were going to come out. So the crappy products speed coming out as much and when they did everyone found out quickly before they sold many.

We did booth reviews before anyone. Then a bunch of people were doing them. It was so many it was impossible to get them all done with everyone else doing them. Manufacturers didn't want to do as many interviews.

So yes we have backed from doing what we did. But if the markers are better made. They get at least 5 independent reviews and breakdowns videos. Why would we continue to lose family time to redo or have your work compared to others. The financial burden of the videos.

We have made a difference that can't be denied. We have shown our love and loyalty to this game. We will always support this game. The times have changed and I look forward to what the future holds.

Welcome back to old supporters and followers and to all new members. Our passion and desire remains true. Thank you again personally, TechPB and paintball had provided some of the best and worst memories in my life. Thank you all again very much for your continued support.

Oh by the way I'm the General for the first ever Dreaded Legends event. I'm looking to pull out a win. This is my first and last time as a General. I hope you can make it. If not I hope there will be many stories talked about the great game it was.. Hope to see you on a field.. Looking forward to 2016!!

P.S. sorry for any typos or errors in grammar doing this on my phone.

Good to hear from you Willie I was wondering what you were up to now a days. Hope all is well, I miss talking to you on the radio show.

In Topic: Has techpb officially died?

09 November 2015 - 10:07 PM

You kids are adorable. 



Seeing your name made me so happy lol. I miss your videos more than Mikes  :(


And for anybody that cares lol when i posted in this thread originally i had no idea Mike got divorced and had a new girlfriend lol that changes a lot of what i said.