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WTB Shocktech or Hybrid shocker, or shocker body. NXT or SFT.

25 October 2013 - 09:07 PM

I want to buy a shocktech or hybrid Shocker. Doesnt matter if it's an NXT or SFT. Even if it's just the body that's fine, since I plan on replacing stuff to make it exactly how I want it. Color doesnt matter, going to reanno it anyways.


Make your offer, not looking to spend too much because like I said I'm going to be dumping money into it to make it my own. So upps dont matter much unless it's a clear can or eigenbolt.

It's so dead

25 October 2013 - 07:28 PM

The forum is so quiet now.... I posted in my BST thread FOUR HOURS AGO... and it's still the most recent post in the BST. I remember when this place use to be crazy, the 40+ thread FULL of gifs, the CCC, OG club etc. The DP give away, where you had to post links to items on ansgear and every separate post gave you another entry. I sat for hours doing copy pasta, as did so many other people. I remember when they took away off topic, when people still were confused by the word filter (*banmeplzktx*, My girlfriend and I went to Disney World, I ate an undercooked hot dog and SHIT MY PANTS!!). It just feels so dead now. I feel like it died down a lot after the big ban fest a couple years ago, and again after the giant form crash that reset everything.


And rants, Wolfwood rants, the naked supermodel etc. I remember those.

Shocker, Indy and Pump

16 October 2013 - 02:50 PM

So I'm looking to sell my humble collection, since I'm wanting to build my dream shocker. All have some wear, they are used and not just wall hangers. They will be sent out in working condition. I'm looking for PP mostly. If you live outside the USA we can discuss how we're going to handle shipping, probably split it or something. Looking for serious buyers, please dont say you're going to buy something and then back out for a dumb reason. Now for the goods...




Marker: 2008 Alien Independence
Condition: 6/10 Cosmetically, Mechanically it's 8/10 because breach wear and bolt wear.
Color: Green, sexy sexy green
Upgrades: Critical trigger, 90 frame, CP on/off
Known Problems: Small leak from grip frame, missing 1 grip screw on each side, put in my own battery harness, anno wear
Asking Price: $250 $200 Shipped and pp'd OBO
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: Shocker Eigenbolt. Spire or Rotor + cash speefeed is a plus. DM7 or Angle a1 Fly
Location of item: Harlingen TX
What is Included: Marker, Axe barrel, extra 4 pin plugs for harness, extra battery harness








Attached my own battery harness, original was trash




Marker: SFT Shocker SOLD
Condition: 6/10 cosmetically, 9/10 mechanically
Color: Silver
Upgrades: BL reg, CP on/off, All American, HE bolt engine, Dye sticky grips
Known Problems: Macro leak when you air it up, wiggle it and it'll be fine, scratches, previous owner tried to polish the reg but didnt finish smoothing it out.
Asking Price: 200 Shipped and pp'd OBO SOLD
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: Shocker Eigenbolt. Shocktech, TonTon, Hybrid, or Evil NXT Shocker. Shocktech, TonTon or Hybrid SFT Shocker.  Shocker clear can.     I have cash to add
Location of item: Harlingen TX
What is Included: Marker, Barrel, .689 insert








Marker: 2k4 Prostock GONE

Condition: 6/10 Cosmetically, 9/10 Mechanically
Color: Blue
Upgrades: Contract Killer grips, CP asa, 45 vertical adapter, slider frame, pump kit, beaver tail
Known Problems: Farts, just needs reg sweet spotted. Pump used to rub on barrel but I sanded it down, macro leak, just wiggle it around and it's goneeee, scratches
Asking Price: 150 Shipped and pp'd OBO TRADED
Shipping Options: USPS
Trades of interest: Shocker Eigenbolt. Spire straight, or Rotor + cash
Location of item: Harlingen TX
What is Included: Marker, barrel sock that fits over the pump