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In Topic: What are the functions of different firing modes on a marker?

26 June 2010 - 07:35 PM

PSP Ramping
- Ramping kicks in after 3 shots; player must maintain 5 bps to remain firing fully automatic. Rate of fire cannot exceed 15 bps.
NXL Ramping
- Ramping kicks in after 3 shots; player need only hold down the trigger to maintain fully automatic fire. Rate of fire cannot exceed 15 bps.
Millennium Ramping
- Ramping kicks in after 7.5 bps; player must maintain 7.5 bps to maintain fully automatic fire. Rate of fire cannot exceed 15 bps.
Semi Auto:
-One shot per pull of the trigger. However, with Virtue’s eye logic, trigger logic and ultra sensitive microswitch it’s ridiculously easy to shoot fast in semi auto. Capped or uncapped semi-auto is available. Set your rate of fire to go from 2.0 bps to unlimited. Make your gun even more responsive by adjusting the trigger sensitivity, debounce and anti-mechanical bounce settings to shoot ultra-fast without bouncing the trigger!
Breakout Mode:
-Turn the gun on and the first shot will shoot full auto for as long as you hold down the trigger. Once you release the trigger the gun goes into Ramp Mode and ramps based on your settings. The full auto on first pull does not repeat until you restart your marker.
NXL Style Full Auto:
-NXL Legal when capped at 15bps. The first 3 shots are Semi Auto. On the 4th shot hold down the trigger, and the marker will shoot full auto at your Max Rate of Fire. Once the trigger is let go and 1 second elapses, the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts.
Auto Response:
-1 shot on the pull of the trigger; 1 shot on the release. This setting will make you shoot twice as fast as you can pull the trigger.
Full Auto:
-Hold down the trigger, and the marker will fire at your max rate of fire, or as fast as your loader can feed.
-First 3 shots are Semi Auto. The 4th shot the marker ramps 2 shots per trigger pull as soon as long as you maintain a trigger speed of 6 balls per second. The gun will ramp to your “Max Rate of Fire”. Let go of the trigger for 1 second and the 3 shot Semi Auto count restarts. For Millennium play make sure to set the Max Rate of Fire to the legal limit.

Not all these modes are on stock board. some are on virtue board and other brands of boards.

In Topic: Can you guys help me yet again?

26 June 2010 - 09:13 AM

I wouldn't get either. Get a azodin zenith or blitz or if you can find one get a vibe and upgrade it. all these guns are under 300 bucks.But if you really want one of the two get the slg

In Topic: Viewloader Evlution III vs Invert Halo Too

26 June 2010 - 01:15 AM

If you choose to go with the eggy 3 you probably should sand the feedneck down. when I used mine it just didn't feel secure enough so i sanded it down so it was the normal width like a rotor or pinokio. between the the two get the invert too.

In Topic: Is it worth getting paintball gear

26 June 2010 - 12:10 AM

Yea man if you can afford it paintball is a amazing sport and a hobby,but if you have something thats more important (I'm not saying paintball isn't important but other things are more important) worry about that. But if you can,you really should invest in paintball gear. send me a message if you want any advice on starter gear or watch mike's video on budget baller paintball

In Topic: Do i need to set my (new) HPA tank to a lower output?

25 June 2010 - 11:51 PM

Yea as everyone else has said don't worry about low pressure,you'll be fine with high pressure tank. Angel just wanted to be a pain and confuse people by making a gun that runs on low pressure,only joking. hope it helped sorta