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In Topic: New paint company - yourgat.com

19 November 2011 - 07:30 PM

Well, they could just be working on the formula and not the manufacturing. They could always outsource the work to a company with paint manufacturing facilities.

outsourcing is the most expensive part and I would venture to guess that most new paint companies need to have access to someone that is skilled or has some background in creating a formula, without contracting a consultant to help develop a formula there would be an awful lot of wasted "outsourcing" time to perfect a formula. I'm not bashing this company in any way, I'm just guessing that they are probably just rebadging some existing manufacturer's paint,, which i see no problem with, but that is not exactly a new paint manufacturer.

In Topic: New paint company - yourgat.com

18 November 2011 - 07:44 PM

somewhat skeptical , gel encapsulation is not cheap, the owner of this company is somewhere around 23. The address of the company is a single family home owned by a couple with the same last name ( parents )?

In Topic: Sponsorships

23 August 2011 - 09:05 PM

^^ they dont give you money dude ... they give you gear, either free or at discount.
but no company just gives you free money like that...atleast no paintball company...
the big teams have whats called a money man, the one that handles the team funding and such.

No you have it all wrong bro. Yeah they dont pay you but they do pay for your flights entry and hotel and such.

Hell Daniel Holiday said himself they do on the radio last week. You guys dont reliaze sponsor ships have NOTHING to do with gear the people good enough to get sponsorships pretty much D2 and up dont give a fuck about gear. You wanna know what Infamous switched to empire instead of bob long? Empire payed for more. You wanna know how players from all over the world practise with Amercan teams sponsors pay there flights. The people good enough to get sponsorships play for free thats the truth. Players from all around the country fly out and practise with teams you wanna know how? Sponsors. As i said you have to be good to get a real sponsorship and when you do you do play for free. As i said Daniel Holliday said it himself.

Yeah you can call up empire and say hey im a local team and were looking to get sponsored and they may give you 10 bucks off but that is not a real sponsorship. A real sponsorship is what im talking about.It has zero to do with gear. Its all about whos paying there entry, paint, flights, hotels.

not to stir this up again, but yes we play for free, have all travel, food and anything else we need, and everyone on damage does actually get paid money on top of that to play for the team. Not much, but if all you need is an apartment and cheap little car, you could afford it. I know our team is ran differently than most teams, alot of teams in the pro league, either get deep discounts on gear, or i'd say 70 % get a free ride. The teams that actually pay out salaries is few and far between, russian legion has a decent salary, and i'd imagine a few others do as well , but I wont speculate

In Topic: Ollie Lang Cheating?

22 August 2011 - 08:45 PM

not oliver, but i saw a team way back in the day, the guy had a magnet in his glove, and the switch for full auto on the board was magnetic. so when he gripped the gun with his gloves on the gun would fire full auto. This wasn't a pro player or tournament, it was a local "sunshine series "event in ocala florida.

In Topic: DYE DM vs NT

22 August 2011 - 08:21 PM

DM's kind of shoot smoother. KIND OF..... I prefer the DM due to it having an LPR, when your having a tournament and your starting to get drop off, Inconsistency you can Crank-It-The-Fuck-Up. also for PSP the DM has a much smaller Feel.
the NT is much Longer basically for Semi-Auto. basically, they made a PSP gun a shorter price due to the Paint its suppose to shoot.... not really but i like to Imagine. Anyways.
The DM has a tighter feel and a little bit smoother. Most People reccomend the DM for PSP because of its smallness compared to the Bunkers.
The NT has a little it more controll and alot more trigger space for Semi-auto. i owned both and i prefer the DM. its smoother, quieter and ALOT more reliable then the NT.
Thats what i think :)

That is a very indepth opinion.. lol