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G6r Board Question

28 November 2011 - 02:14 PM

Hey guys, I was helping my friend at the field who wanted to learn a little bit more about his G6r. I started telling him some things and then it go to the board. Whatever it was, i remember seeing that the G6r had the same board as my victory, so i started using my manual to help show him the settings. Soon after i realized that there were not as many lights so they were not the same, so i just let the gun be and didn't change anything (didn't need to be changed, he just wanted to see how it was done.)

So after a little research i found out that the G6r has the Odoshi Board stock, while I thought both had the Ryujin that mine has. Sucks trying to give advice when its not the same thing. LOL

Anyway, here is my question after i did some research on the board: Which of the following manuals is correct?

(From BoblongDirect: http://manuals.boblo...nstructions.pdf )

(From PbPortal (But I've seen it on other sites .pdf's) : http://hosting.pbpor...Board-Tadao.pdf )

Now the reason i ask is that i was looking at changing the Firing Modes on my friends gun for him, but I did not know which one to use. The one from Bob Long has 4 different modes, while the other ones only have the first 3. I assume the Bob Long one is correct because it is THEIR gun, but i just have to ask. I assume at this point that the other manuals are out of date and the new G6r manual contains PSP Burst because the up-to-date Odoshi board contains PSP Burst now? I'm just not sure.

Also, if my assumptions are correct, then you cannot set a max ROF for PSP Burst? It says that only modes 2 & 3 follow the max ROF setting, so i guess 1 & 4 (Uncapped Semi and PSP Burst) do not follow it. If someone could clear this up for be then that would be great.


Does the stock G6r board have PSP Burst, and can you set a max ROF for it via the max ROF setting?

Also, one little question. When you play and get hit and it doesn't break, I know you're still in. But when it does, but theres only a little bit of paint, less than a dime or around that size, are you still in? I called myself out when I saw this just because I wasn't sure. I know that paint grenades must splatter about the size of a quarter to count as a kill so I wasn't sure. Someone clarify that for me please. THANKS!

Does the DP Raps 2 ASA fit every marker?

26 November 2011 - 09:01 AM

Just curious.

New Designz Inline Twister ASA

25 November 2011 - 01:18 PM


how is this on/off? good or no?

Trracer Questions

24 November 2011 - 09:31 PM

OK, im getting a trracer soon and i had just a few questions.

1) What is the stock bore on the barrel?

2)Would a force fed hopper (like a rotor) work fine without making roll-outs occur because its pushing it in? (I'm most likely going to be using my DW barrel with a small insert for under boring to prevent normal roll outs, but would a rotor negate that (if its even possible))

3) Now is Trracer pronounced Tracer, or Tracker? ive heard both but idk which it is, i like to be politically correct lol. thanks.

Empire Trracer

24 November 2011 - 08:43 AM

I'm looking into getting a mask for my brother and this new deal for the events is awesome. I've always wanted a pump to just try/have and now i think i can get a reason for it. So, how is this pump? I've only used 1 in my entire life about 8 years ago but other than that i know almost next to none about them. What im asking is, how is the quality of it compared to other ones? I know that CCM's or whatever they are, are like the ego's of pumps, so is the Trracer like an axe, or more like a 98 custom? and if you had any other information i should know then please just chime in. thanks =]