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Are eggs good or bad

27 July 2011 - 12:03 AM

I normally eat two or three eggs a day for snacks in between meals or after a workout. I like that they have some protein, tasteless because I eat mine raw (hate the taste of them cooked) and take less than a minute to prepare and eat. I always hear that eggs are bad because they are high in cholesterol. Is all the hype about eggs being bad for you true and if so are the three eggs a day to many.

Talon Buzzard mod

28 April 2011 - 11:23 PM

I had an old talon sitting around for years and got tiered of all the crap they get for being a shit gun. For $20 they can shoot paint, they might not chrono over 220 but you get what you pay for. I came up with the bright idea of making one field worthy. I polished the internals which got it up to 260-280fps and moded it for constant air to deal with the horrible efficiency. The first day at the field I let one of the refs try it out and he broke the pump handle. I didn't even get to play with it yet and it was broken.

I didn't let the cheap plastic pump arm stop me instead I decided to make it unbreakable with a buzzard mod I thought of while making the ref feel like a dick for breaking my gun. I drilled the bolt, tapped the valve, threw in some fishing line detents, and made some pump arms out of steel. I probably spent three hours on it. It's full of sharp edges that I will cover up with tape so I don't cut myself or pop a bunker but it shoots and reloads paint just like I envisioned. I plan on making it even cooler with some blinking lights but not until I take it to the field for a spin.

Proof a talon can be field worthy

Posted Image

Didn't care for the hopper so I made a cram and jam.

Posted Image

Did that milling with a power drill and the yellow tape you see is holding in my fishing string detent

Posted Image

Patience helped me with the constant air

Posted Image

proof it's mine and a view of the other side

problems with my t2

22 March 2011 - 11:11 PM

I was taking apart my t2 to clean and can't get my hammer to fall back in place. When I drop it in it still needs to go about another quarter inch but just won't. I took out the lug, removed the grip frame and still no luck. I'm not new to cockers I have a valve tool and know how remove the lower internals but something is wrong when I try to put back in the hammer. Normaly I am use to the hammer bouncing a little on the valve when I drop it back in but with my t2 it just makes a clank sound and isn't falling in far enough. Do I have to do something besides just dropping the hammer back in I'm not familar with half blocks but shouldn't they be just about the same?

I can't put up pictures any time soon a storm knocked out my power for atleast a week so I'm living at a friends house for a while.

cheapest .50 cal

19 March 2011 - 08:15 PM

What is the cheapest .50 cal paintball marker and blowguns and plastic markers at walmart don't count. Please include a link if you find a cheap one.

timmy detent mod

17 January 2011 - 02:01 AM

I remember hearing that you can use an intimidator detent to prevent role outs in a phantom it works similar to the ASP detents. I was wondering if you could drill a hole in the back of a barrel and put a timmy detent in to stop role outs. I was going to try it on an old cocker barrel and so far my plans are just to drill a hole through the barrel and fill the hole with a timmy detent. Does anyone know how to do it or if it will even work?