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youth pads

20 January 2010 - 09:20 PM

yea I was looking for paintball pads Slider shorts, Knee\Shin, and elbow\forarm <---- haha spelled it wrong anyway the thing i'm concerned about is if they'll fit me
So if anyone knows of good pads that will fit a slim 12 year old

Waist 27 1\2 in.

Knee to ankle 16 1\2

Elbow to wrist 9.2 in.

height 5'4


19 January 2010 - 01:26 AM

if anyone lives in Az near 85383<--- zip code Cowtown is a good field if you go to their website www.cowtownpaintball.com the have good fields awesome recbal field, hyperball field (least i think it is), and airball field. new owner is an AWESOME guy one of a few. my friend got an ION and a Invert Halo too it would'nt fit the guy wanted to come to his house and take it all the way from Peoria to Chandler for him so his tech guys can fix it. NO HE WAS NOT TRYING TO STEAL IT! It ended up being a minor problem all he had to do is take 1 o-ring out and it was fixed.

pinokio colors

16 January 2010 - 12:12 PM

I've been lookin at the pinokio for a while and the only the thing i was confused about was if clear or smoke was better if anyone has an opinion on this it would realy help