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In Topic: Loaded Karni black/blue mq2 yakuza milled

11 August 2010 - 01:18 PM

thx wanna buy it?

In Topic: Paintball Pin-Ups Calendar

26 August 2009 - 02:39 AM

I'm back after two 20 hour days, 1000+ shots and 5 girls, lol. As the editors and photographers work through the photos and I take care of the networking, we are setting up for a second and final shoot for the last of the girls.

We are doing a casting call for girls in the Corning, Ny area, so guys feel free to refer your girlfriends, sisters, friends, etc. Just use the link in the first post and get contact me via facebook!

In Topic: Paintball Pin-Ups Calendar

21 August 2009 - 02:36 AM

Thanks for all the comments! I understand the criticism and am not complaining, unfortunately I expect flaming. Besides that I think at least half of you will be pleased with the end result if my vision is completed as i see it.

As for a printer, that is the next step. I've contacted one so far and he wanted $11 for what i think was 11x17 calendars on what seems to me light paper. I don't want to charge more than $20 per calendar 18 or even 15 would be better, but I also don't want to sacrifice calendar quality! I would like the calendar to be the same quality you'd get from a typical car calendar. Sooooo, all that being said I would appreciate any and all help related to this.

In Topic: Paintball Pin-Ups Calendar

18 August 2009 - 04:24 PM

Ok, so I don’t want to post 8 pages of quotes so I’m just going to refer to ppl, instead of comments….

DNA: Thanks for the compliment!

Jaldrich: HILARIOUS!!!!!! And although it’d be very entertaining to start such a thread, I know these guys will buy a calendar, otherwise they wouldn’t spend so much time on the thread so no worries! AND yes not flaming would just be easier….

OrnNixJ: The blue is vinyl, I used to lay vinyl professionally so I did that myself. Unfortunately tho vinyl doesn’t handle the abuse well so it’s getting torn up, I was thinking of having a autobody shop paint it on…

Nutritious: Thank you for all the suggestions! Already doing most of it, lol.

Lament: I would totally pose in a thong with you, but I’m not taking pictures… lol. A couple of the models happen to be extremely good with makeup so to save money we are going that route. Already have a local shop, but prolly not lucky enough to get 2010 gear, it’s a small shop.

Naismith53: Appreciate all the support! The background will be a speedball field and woodsball field owned by the shop sponsoring us.


“Real Women Wear Paint”

This took a lot of time because we had to find a name that fit the mood of the calendar and did not cross any copyright lines.

Please check the facebook link to make sure it works and join our group! We are at roughly
60 members and the first 100 get a discount!

Join our Real Women Wear Paint (paintball calendar) facebook group!!!

In Topic: Paintball Pin-Ups Calendar

18 August 2009 - 01:20 AM

They are cute, but I am unsure if they are truly calendar material. Personally, I think that you can do better, even if the North East ;) .

You should be able to get others. Pretty much, here is, hopefully, an idea or two. Find a local Art Institute school, or other type of school that offers schooling in clothing design. They will help you out with finding the local up and coming, or at least aspiring, models that would be willing to do it for a minimal fee, or, better still, a copy of the pictures to add to their portfolio. You can also find some other local talent through asking around at community colleges. You will find some yummies there, as well as some of the other tech schools, especially if they offer nursing programs and such.

Maybe he's trying to use actual paintballers instead of random pretty girls off the street? Personally, I'd rather see players than glorified mannequins. Besides, don't any of you get sick of seeing the same generic standards of "beauty"? True beauty is imperfect. It's not photoshopped.

There are a few rather good looking gals that play. Like the one from the 13th Legionaries...

Very, very good comments!

First off, all the girls that will be in the calendar I am friends with, I know them all personally.

Also this started out as a joke, we were talking and the girls thought it would be fun. I can't possibly reject my beautiful friends in order to find 'better' looking models even if they are out there.

The photographer is a photography student. No not a professional, but cheap, lol.

These girls are REAL paintball players, and that is what this calendar is all about. IT IS REAL. I too get sick of the stereotypes related to beauty. All of our girls have what the media would consider flaws. Someone mentioned my girlfriend being short, she is 4'10"(and I love it!!), but models are "supposed" to be 5'10" 100lbs? i say that is far from beautiful. I want real beauty, and real players to present to all of you real paintball fans.

Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming, the final photo shoot is roughly a week away!