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In Topic: Visigoths Leader Recruitment letter

07 February 2012 - 02:42 PM

Youve got a runner reporting right here willie! I run cross country, 6 minute mile WITH gear. TECHPB TO THE FRONT!!

Welcome, now all you must do is register and we will grant you access to see how we will use your skills. Those are some good stats.

where is the closed forume at buddy

In Topic: Visigoths Leader Recruitment letter

22 January 2012 - 10:16 PM

Running with Willie. He shot me in the noggin' from 10 feet away last year, and even though he was on my team, I'll look the other way and roll with him again. :lol:

To the front!!!

Dude I apologized as quickly as it happened, lol. It was funny, you looked back at me like WTF?!?! I felt really bad about it. Glad to know there are no hard feelings, lol. Look forward to running with you again this year.

lol i did the sammmmmmmmmmmme thing to some poor kid right after the opening run down in the ravine lol

In Topic: Willies Squad on the Horde

22 January 2012 - 10:09 PM

There are a lot of group terms being thrown about no we all can't be in Willie's hit "squad" but the TechPB people can be in his "unit" the visigoths. I don't believe Mike or Wolf have named their units/squads.

There will be two TechPB squad in the Visigoths. I will be in charge and command of them both. So yes there are perhaps about 8 to 10 slots taken in a 60+ squads. Between the two squads I will need about 60 more to complete the troops. So in the case you do not fall into the Elite hit squad, you can be part of the TechPB mod squad.

Lemme Rephrase:

No you can't be in Willies Elite Guard (thats to everyone thats trying)

However he is running with the Visigoths so you CAN be associated with him. Me? I just want to be a Heavy Gunner for the Visi's :D.

Yes you are correct, you an run on the Visigoths and still be part of my command. I will have a few mods with me to run smaller squads to complete tasks. So if you are interested sign up and we will square away the rest closer to event and once you are registere and the the private forums we will discuss it further. So get registered and lets get ready to roll the Empire.

you know which squad ill be on homie;)

In Topic: List of teams for LL5

13 January 2012 - 01:04 AM

im sorry EMPIRE.....lol

In Topic: The Horde teams

11 January 2012 - 11:28 PM

Tar Listed:

+Mich of Hellions

Purpose: Looks Funny

If you can get past my Honu meat shield I'll try and bring some extra tasty Wisconsin beer brats as my own bounty.

pretty sure i had one of those last yr..mmmmmmmm turtle juice too;)

Dude, once again we work together. Counting that time at O'hare Paintball i believe we are 3-0 when we are on the same side. Just saying.

i believe you are corret ...and at ohare we schooled some teams too...lol they couldnt even beat us with a guy on the sidelines with a mic and more players...lol boom i might have got a couple of those wins....to the front!! with a broken foot lol