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22 May 2014 - 07:20 PM

New empire launcher totals were probably around 7-8.

I had one, citrus used one, there was another metadyne, and one other jcs launcher, then 2-3 from KNA. And we had one more under mounted on an empire defender.

One thing I was disappointed with was the picnic table bunkers. They didn't really allow for much movement in that particular area. I was hoping to see air bunkers or something basically up to the two bedlam ponds. In all honesty the horde controlled the center woods on the field and that's what have them such massive control early on. They did a great job, have to give them that.

we are reviewing how the picnic area played. ill keep you in the loop

In Topic: LL7 post-action report(s)

22 May 2014 - 04:46 PM

To add to Mike's post. He for the most part has stated the truth


1) he is correct that we had a " good of the game " talk in Oct about the benefit of having large amount or even better whole legions take part in off field skirmishes. He is also correct that when we talked in front of Vipers tent I did say my bad and sorry for not doing it the way it was talked about.

My answer is two fold and it's only to explain I am not trying at all to justify anything. First to be completely honest we over time just more or less forgot the talk we all had over it which is our bad big time. Second by the time we even started game planning we were sure it was more of a suggestion to send large group or whole legion. We never went back and checked which again is our bad

I now have seen the plan Mike and his troops put in place and it was very clever and he should be proud of it. We NEVER blew off skirmishes we just didnt put a lot of troops towards it. It was not done in anyway to screw anyone over. We simply looked at things from a where points were in the game and a effort/point value plan in place.


2) we did NOT have 4 tanks assigned to us. We recruited 3 tanks and the Horde general owns his own. Mike recruited 0. So from Mike's point of view we had 4 and he had none. Here is one of only a few mistakes that happened on New Empire side. Viper wants to leave teams recruited where they are unless the commanders come to him with concerns. Mike NEVER ask for any tanks and Viper just didnt switch them. I know Viper would have switched them because when I commanded LL3 I only recruited 1 tank and the other side had 3. I asked for one of theirs from Viper and he moved one over. Very easy to do , very easy to miss. It just got missed by Viper and Mike at game on. It happens. 


At 2:15 Myself and the Horde general were called off field and game corrections were made. 2 tanks were moved to his side and the Horde started sending all players possible to skirmishes. 


Mike is also correct that the Horde side built a lead on Saturday but the game was well within reach by end of day. Sunday morning both commanders met with Viper and chose to cancel skirmishes for the day and just play head to head. It lead to some of the best paintball battles i have ever been apart of and while the Horde was able to pull away with an even larger lead it doesnt tell the real story of how hard the fight for those points were.


In the end speaking for the Horde command would like to say sorry to anyone who had a bad time because we made an err in the importance about the skirmishes. The unbalance about the tanks is up to Mike or Viper. I hope you wont let the score take anything away from your weekend or away from the amazing job Mike and his command did not only coming up with a solid game plan but how they adjusted to what was happening during game play and most of all never giving up. If the score doesnt matter to you and you just had fun then you already are a winner too


Hang loose Honu



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27 October 2013 - 07:19 AM

First year attending LL cant wait! for the glory of the Horde! anyone need an extra gun running with them gonna be on my lonesome other wise 

you will never be alone at LL No matter what side you fight for you will make friends here on Techpb and will have players to run with at LL7. See you out there and if you need anything just ask.

In Topic: Living Legends 7 - Your Commanders and Dates

27 October 2013 - 07:15 AM

Now my friends we got ourselves a game! My love for Techpb will always be strong. the passion and effort you brought to LL3 for me to help with our win will never be forgotten. At LL7 two of the strongest groups ever to compete at LL are going to lead a record number of players and teams into battle. As i told Mike and Willie at cup, because i respect you and i know what you can do I will do my very best to beat you. I will be leading a Legion for the Horde. Buckshot was my team leader when i was a member of the Hellions. He is one of the very best commanders i have ever known and will do a great job. We all know what Mike brings to the table and this will be an amazing game. I look forward to a hard fought game and as always looking forward to the handshakes and hugs on top of the hill after final battle.


Hang loose