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TECHT MRT Phenom Bolt Official Release

30 September 2010 - 03:20 PM

We are excited to finally release our highly anticipated MRT Bolt for the Tippmann X7 Phenom. We listened to what you guys had to say and designed a bolt to those specifications. You told us you wanted a soft face on the bolt-you got it! You told us you wanted better efficiency- you got it!
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TECHT G4 and Spec-R L7 Engine Release

07 September 2010 - 06:18 PM

The much anticipated L7 Engine for the Dangerous Power G4 and Spec-r is finally here! If you own G3, Spec-R, Threshy, or Rev-i...you have probably heard of the L7 Engine and already know what it can do for your DP marker. Its got the same great performance benefits as its predecessor and an even lighter bolt! At just 6.3 grams, the L7 Bolt Engine is our lightest bolt ever! You guys know where you can find more info on it...check the website. My regular shooting comparison and installation vids will be up within the week. The Threshold and Rev-i Engine will also be released later this week so keep checking back!
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TECHT Product Line Update: iSwitch, Gun Tags, "Blemished" Hammers

17 August 2010 - 03:58 PM

TECHT is continually expanding its product line. These are just a few new products...keep an eye out for more to come! We have at least three new bolt systems being produced right now with an expected release date of early September! We are also now selling O-rings and O-ring kits. We will have X-rings up on the site within a month also.

TECHT is proud to announce the release of the full line of Gun Tags. We now offer custom and stock Gun Tags for not only the A5/X7, but the BT line, Phenoms, and Model 98's also.
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We are also happy to announce that we are now selling "blemished" Zero Kick Hammers. These are hammers that did not pass our quality control for aesthetic reasons. They are 100% functional and will carry a 1 year warranty...they just are not as shiny. They carry a HEFTY discount considering they will perform every bit as well as a standard ZKH! There are only a handful so get them while you can.
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And, finally, we are excited to release the iSWITCH. The iSWITCH is a barrel adapter that replaces the stock receiver within the A5 and X7. We currently have AC and Smart Parts threads. Keep and eye out for more threads and adapters!
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14 April 2010 - 04:18 PM

Hey Guys,

Bleaufish here. I just wanted to let you guys know about our newest Tippmann upgrade. We call them Gun Tags. They are replacement name plates for the side of your Tippmann. We have them available for the A5 and X7, and will soon have them for the 98 and BT markers.

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The Gun Tag replaces the stock plate. One would simply remove the old plate, and glue in the new Gun Tag. It's pretty easy really, and they add a nice touch of personalization to any Tippmann.

We currently have military quotes, military branches, military ranks, paintball related quotes, and gamer references. The tags that we have on our site now are just the beginning. We plan to have many more styles and plates in the future. If you would like a custom plate for your team, store, or favorite gun...we can do those as well. Contact us directly for special orders and pricing.