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Etek 4 or Ego9?

16 September 2012 - 12:46 AM

I just saw an dark/light blue Ego9 on Kijiji around my area for $500.
There's also an HDE earth Etek4 for $475.
I'm just a rec baller looking for something with more fire power than a Tiberius 8, and lighter than a BT TM-15.

Which Eclipse, based solely on parts, would you recommend?

My original plan was to hopefully get an HDE earth Etek4 soon because I love its colour scheme and Ego11-based parts, then maybe get an Ego11 next year when I'll have a bit more $$.

what would you have done?

22 December 2010 - 03:19 AM

alright, i can't seem to find the proper place to put this, so i'll put it here.
my buddies and i just played today at our usual indoor field, most of the field rather dimly lit. one of my friends and i using our tm-15's, one using pistol, and the rest renting.

we were playing a game of zombies, about 6 vs 15-ish; you know, zombies only die with headshots, humans join zombies if they get shot anywhere.

my tm-15 friend and i move far up the right side of the field, the equivalent of the snake, taking out many people untill there were only a bunch left at home bunker. they were all renters btw, some with that trash talking attitude we all hate.

my friend and i run up planning to mercy all of them (10ft mercy rule) with me infront, and we laid down a heavy barrage of paint on the way since we weren't within 10ft yet. for the record, we were on semi...can't afford using ramping too much, and forget full auto.

for the most part, i lit them all up, quite a bit, but i only let off on the ones who raised their hands and called out(earlier games showed some people with a habit of playing on). i eventually got to the point where i could legitimately yell "MERCY", but this one dude was clutching his leg and swearing at me.

back out at the staging area, that same dude kinda started yelling at me, telling me not to light him up like that when he's 'clearly shot'. i felt kind of bad about it, but told him 'i'm just trying to clear out the bunker, all you had to do was call yourself out and i'd stop shooting at YOU'. yea, i felt like an asshole for saying that and it probably turned him away from paintball.

so here i ask, what would you have done in this game scenario, and what would you have told the guy had you followed my actions on the field?

torque mod

19 December 2010 - 07:09 PM

i'm currently working on getting eyes set up so the motor will only spin when there are no balls in the stack, but it's not doing too well so far.
my circuit consists of an IR detector and two transistors, but i can't seem to get enough power through the circuit to spin the motor fast enough.
can anyone guide me in the right direction or link me to somewhere that has done this before? thanks