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Mike sure does flog the merchandise!

03 February 2010 - 07:48 AM

Thanks, Mike, for all the great recommendations you've made on equipment. In the short time I've been trolling your little community, I've been reeled in by your recommendations: ANSGear goodies, the CP TechPB barrel, Ninja tanks, FogDoc, Apex barrel, Eyeclops NightVision..those are just a few that I bought personally due to your bad influence Posted Image

Also, from what I've seen around, you have pushed Living Legends to a much higher level. You've gotten A LOT of people to preregister WAY earlier than the January 31 cut, helping Paul and Viper out in the offseason. This all translates to a bigger, more BADASS GAME!!

Sorry for the leg humping, I just wanted your sponsors know of the $ going in their pocket due to you.

btw, i remind you that at Viper events (unless something has changed), Semi-Autos are limited to 280fps and Pumps to 300fps. A PUMP, FIRST-STRIKE MARKER will have the ultimate range advantage. What say you? just something to think about, not that it really matters at that point.

I'm looking for the early NPPL Reno video

31 January 2010 - 06:41 AM

It was a 1995-ish NPPL Reno video, Fred Shultz was the commentator. It's the same event video where Dave Youngblood goes to grab the flag and busts his arse, but I'm looking for the full length video.

Also, the Kissimmee, Florida NPPL event video from the same era. It was cool to see them playing behind (what looked to be) Palm trees and other natural cover.

I think I still own both videos on VHS, but they've been in my garage for almost 15 years and have probably made a great home for a big rat by now...

Living Legends III Preparation

24 January 2010 - 04:30 AM

registration, air, and paint : check
airfare, lodging, and transportation: check
Lapco Big Shot Apex barrel: check
POLISHED T9 internals: check


how about you, Mike :rolleyes: (Most likely : Yes)
Gotta get all you can out of 13ci Posted Image

edit: I simply can't get over how sweet your T9 is..