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Press release for 2011 PBWoman of the Year

09 July 2010 - 04:21 PM

Let me start by Thanking Mike and the everyone from Tech PB for all your support and joining in to be a new sponsor for our 2011 PBWoman of the Year.

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The nomination phase for 2011 Paintball Woman of the Year is now open! Nominate the women you feel best represent paintball as a respected and accomplished player. PBWoman of the Year is an award given to honor a female player who excels in all aspects of paintball. All female player nominees will be considered and added to the list of nominations for this award, however many of the achievements considered to win this award may be in national level tournaments, scenario commander roles, awards, honors within their team, or other work within the industry and community.

The awards ceremony and the prize package will be at CPX Sports Living Legends 4 produced by Viper. For this reason it will be mandatory for the 2011 PBWoman of the Year to attend the event. Admission, a case of paintballs and air courtesy of CPX Sports. All donated team sponsorships will go toward her travels expenses. The award recipient will be announced March 1, 2011

To be eligible 2011 PBWoman of the Year you must be nominated and answer a biographical questionnaire. Our sponsors and a panel of nine respected player judges will determine the award winner.

Here is our judging panel for 2011:

Bambi Bullard, our 2010 award winner, was founder of The Paintball University, owner of Coastal Paintball and is a retired U.S. Marine.

Bea Paxson, known for her skills on field and her work encouraging female players and has the team captain of Destiny.

Kitty Anne Wandel, Saved university and collegiate paintball in the UK, ran the league, and trained and coached several new teams over there as well. Probably best know for her love of urban play but will play all styles of paintball. She is also known for her work with TechPB.com.

Jessica Sparks, known for her player skills in addition to her work as previous editor of APG magazine and outstanding work within the community for the last decade.

Johnny "HazMat" Valdez from Team BlackList. He's 43 years old and lives in San Antonio, TX. He runs with a Worr Games Karnivor as his primary marker. He enjoys building things one of his favorite things to build are LAWs.

Dave Cilio is described by many as "a machine." He is known for his outstanding skill as a player and his devotion to health and fitness has a personal trainer. He plays both tournament and scenario.

Thomas "Troll" Taylor, from Team XSV known for his skills has a tournament player.

Sonny Lopez, team captain of the LA Hitmen known for his skill has a tournament player.

Douglas "Monty Doom" Montgomery, a member of Blues Crew, is known for work within the industry and with much of the media including PaintballX3 and his determination as a player. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, he has fought his way out of a wheelchair multiple times.

Please check out htt://www.pbwoman.com for details on how to nominate your choice for 2011 PBWoman of the year.

ROTFLMAO LL3 war storys

13 June 2010 - 08:14 PM

Listening to everyone on all the forums and hearing personal tales of humor, I thought this would be a fun thread to start..All of this is true and funny, none of it have a bad ending and all players involved are laughing....If you have any bloopers and funny tales to share post them up!

Did you know......................................................?

1. Cliff from the Discipline Lords had to chase down and wrestle a coyote for a supply drop box. ( I can't tell this story good enough do it justice, but cliff had me rolling on the floor laughing and this will be talked about for years to come, it's really true)

2. There was a tea party held in the middle of a heated battle. ( courtesy of the gang at Tech PB, next time I will volunteer to serve LOL)

3. Tom Kay was ejected from the field by Viper..( to funny, an unknown ref call about a players mask being to old..it was not know until later who it was and a good laugh was had by all)

PBWoman.com Hospitality will be at LL3!

20 May 2010 - 02:15 PM

PBWoman.com will have a full hospitality tent set-up for any woman wanting to stage with us. You are welcome! Anyone wishing to stop by and visit or take a break is also welcome. We will have morning coffee and donuts, Bottled water and some snacks, goggle washing set-ups,wireless router if your in need of an internet hookup ( see me for password),some other convenience supply's, Frisbees, poker sets, bean bag toss and other games for entertainment on Friday night ( I plan on dealing blackjack for some game money). Wives and girlfriends are welcome to hang out while your guys play..
We will be located across from Blue's Crew.

We will also be collecting Donations of your extra unopened hotel soaps, shampoos and other toiletries provided by hotels that you stay at for our "PBWoman Wishing Women Well" ongoing charity project. Everything collected will go to CAWC. http://www.cawc.org/

Connections for Abused Women and their Children, formerly Chicago Abused Women Coalition, is committed to ending domestic violence. Using a self-help, empowerment approach, we provide a shelter for women and children, and counseling, advocacy, and a 24-hour hotline for people affected by domestic violence. We work for social change through education, service collaboration and institutional advocacy.

CAWC initiated the first domestic violence services program in Chicago. They have a hotline and opened the first shelter for battered women and their children, Greenhouse Shelter, in 1979. In 1992, CAWC founded the Hospital Crisis Intervention Project (HCIP). The first of its kind in a public hospital, HCIP is a model on-site domestic violence program that trains clinicians on the public health impact of abuse and assists battered women. In 1998, CAWC began providing domestic violence services to women seeking substance abuse treatment. In 2000, CAWC opened the Humboldt Park Outreach Program (HPOP). HPOP provides individual and group counseling to victims of abuse and their children, as well as enhanced children's therapeutic services to children. CAWC is also a collaborative partner in the West Side Domestic Abuse Project (WSDAP), an intervention program for men who batter.

Sarah "Phoenix" Meehan of ONE woman Army has offered her services to help deliver everything donated at the game. We will gladly except your hotel extras and anything else you wish to donate. Please make sure the items are small because space is limited for us to deliver, but feel free to contact them and donate directly. Here is a list of items that they need:


PBWoman.com or any Representative does NOT accept any cash donations for any reason, we will accept donations of bottled waters, snacks and other items to be given away at the hospitality tent.

Viperpaintball's pics from LL1 and LL2

13 May 2010 - 05:56 PM


2010 PBWoman of the Year

06 April 2010 - 01:02 AM


For Immediate Distribution

PBWoman.com, a website created to promote paintball and increase the number of women playing, has established an annual award to recognize individual women who have made positive contributions to paintball's growth. Pam "Cookie" Robertson, the force behind setting up PBWoman.com stated,

"My heartfelt thanks go out to everyone in our paintball community. 2010 PBWoman of the Year has been a combined volunteer effort by players as well as paintball industry leaders. Industry competitors have set aside their differences for the common good by helping launch a positive project for our beloved community. It was an honor and a privilege to help assemble an incredible list of women in paintball for finalists as they were nominated by our community of players this year. I wish we had an award to give them all."

After a competitive nomination, biographical vetting, and voting process involving many industry sponsors, the winner selected to receive the first Paintball Woman of the Year Award is Bambi J. Bullard. The award includes, aside from the industry recognition for her for her efforts in paintball, a product package from the project's many sponsors, which will be given to her in May at the annual "CPX Sports' Living Legends produced by Viper" in Chicago. For biographical information about Bambi and more information about the site, please go to www.pbwoman.com.

[font="&"]Contact: Pam "Cookie" Robertson