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NPPL rant

31 May 2013 - 02:41 AM

i think it's quite about time the NPPL calls it quits, i'm a definite fan of some rules that take place in this league (semi auto capped and no coaching) but it's 100% obvious what direction tournament paintball is pushing towards (PSP)

To those who follow tournament paintball you will understand what i'm talking about, so many legitimate pro teams have dropped NPPL and decided to focus on just PSP or they do PSP and millenium across the ocean in Europe.

Seriously NPPL is failing, just today i read that vancouver vendetta officially called it quits for NPPL and other teams are rumored to drop as well, how can you run a league that stands for National Professional Paintball League when all the pro teams are leaving and you have to force D1 teams to bump up or just create new teams that have maybe 1 or 2 qualified pro players and the rest a bunch of random nobodies.

All the companies are backing PSP (besides Valken the ONLY paintball company sponsor of NPPL) PSP has PaintballAccess.com which is like an ESPN for the league and NPPL doesn't even have shit.

Now in no way am i saying that i hate the 7 man format or the NPPL for that matter but it's obvious the NPPL is on life support and the cord is about to be pulled, with pro teams jumping ship left and right along with sponsors and a very small divisional support system for tournaments and having no way to view tournaments whatsoever it's only a short matter of time until NPPL is just a memory unless they can get there shit together.

late night/early morning reminiscing (i hope that's how you spell it)

22 November 2012 - 06:36 AM

2010-2011 i played on a team, traveled up and down california for tournaments, 2011 season ends, team folds, we all split up, some guys join new teams, some just play for fun, and some slowly fade away from the field (me in particular) i started out the 2012 year with high hopes that i would join a new team and not miss a step, but real life got in the way and i saw myself put the paintball life behind me, as 2012 winds down i've only gone balling a handful of teams this year.

I started college this 2012 fall semester and i've been busy with classes and social life and haven't been able to bring myself back into paintball like i used to, even though i miss it so much and with the handful times i went (especially last time back in early september) i dominated on the field, my "local" field is also sacramento xsv's home field and over the course of the years i've made friends with a majority of the xsv players and will always ball with them whenever we all go out, but like i said in september i went out, not having played seriously in nearly 8 months and i found myself not missing a beat, in fact i've somehow seen some drastic improvements in my game, that entire day i'm pretty much on point, getting at least 2-3 kills a game. Remind you that i'm playing with mostly xsv pro and d1 squad and some old teammates of mine.

I just find it weird that i spend 2 years playing d5-d3 tournaments in 2010-2011 and i take 3/4 of a year off and i come back strongly competing against d1/pro players, after we were all done playing we started talking and bullshitting around, a few of my friends from the d1 squad talked to me about playing nppl vegas with them since they just cut a few players and needed to pick up a couple others. sadly i had to refuse because i couldn't afford the practice schedule and the time commitment away from school.

Hopefully when 2013 rolls around i'll maybe get back into it and start playing again, maybe see if the offer still stands for the d1 squad (if i still have the talent) who knows? All i know is that i miss paintball, the friends, the experiences, the memories and all the crazy, unforgettable times i've had on and off the field with my friends and that i NEED to get back into paintball