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09 May 2010 - 12:00 PM

Should get this dm7 my friend is going to sell me for 450 it has the billy wing bolt an a continous flow. should i skip it or buy it?


04 May 2010 - 09:54 AM

watch this video Tropical Pumkin makes great videos but at 3:00 minutes in you see the break out dont watch the kid with the red ego watch the kid in the blue run down the hill. Painful but hilarious. http://www.youtube.c...u/7/kImEnkSe5as

best $700 range gun

01 May 2010 - 05:01 PM

i need to know what yall think

Events vs Grillz

18 April 2010 - 09:04 AM

i want to know hich one yall like better

Rap idea

12 April 2010 - 08:36 PM

Ok i waas thinkin if people wrote like a four verse little rap about paintball and we put them all together it could be a pretty cool little rap. I have no idea if this is going to work but its worth a shot im bored anyways so.. post your little four verse abouut paintball and we can try to put them together