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In Topic: Paintball on Top Gear

12 December 2010 - 06:26 PM

yah i know guns and violence boost ratings. but thats no excuse for the two to breach into shows that obviously would not in any circumstance have it, and i mean almost every show it seems always finds a way to showcase it .its violence or triangular homosexual marriage with children. like i said , the real reason is its propaganda , and agenda. all you ever see anymore is shows with violence , hate , guns, murders , crime , children in danger, helpless victims , murder , violence , blood , guns , children being tortured, killings, abnormal amount of amber alerts. seriously, when the heck are people going to wake up? all these shows are designed to do is pump fear into people so they are scared to go out and enjoy life. subliminally force profilistic mindsets and opinions about guns, country people, 'dangerous world out there'.next thing you see is politicians tramping on the constitution by legislating laws that break civil liberties. movies like wrong turn and the hills have eyes are the reason why my gf wont go camping with me on mt. lemon. yah they are awesome movies, but we get the point, theres no need for an abundance of them the are more horible than a h.s. film project. seriously , its a free country , be homosexual if you want, but dont glamorize it on every tv show and talk show and magazine. its breaking the family unit and making kids that have undeveloped immature minds thinking its acceptable to a woman to have two babies with her two homosexual husbands. than the parents are targeted because they dont let thier kid watch that shit. top gear is a big blow. top gear in no way really about cars.

and tea party for the win. the government actually thinks they did a good job by making palin represent the tea party, which is totally untrue and the tactic is called party hijacking. palin does not truely represent the tea party, and i bet her agenda is to preach bogus policies and philosophy to make the tea party look so horrible and worthless.

In Topic: Paintball on Top Gear

12 December 2010 - 12:39 AM

this show top gear is all propaganda. all i ever see is guns this guns that. one episode really pissed me off. they wrote things on their car like manlove rules , homosexual love is better, and nascar sucks while they drove through a so called 'red neck town'. im sorry, but the reactions of the town poeple was staged.yah there are redneck towns, yah there are uncivil people out there. but they created a situation for camera totally staged and intentionally displays sexism and violence. in the same episode , they show a hispanic car-lot owner pulling out handguns and rifles in a pretty brannishing manor. i dont know if you people have cought on, but all tv is owned pretty much by 4-6 major corporations and shareholders. their agenda is clear. demonize white people, demonize and bash slander on gun laws and make the general population think that there is no responsible citizens in the world anymore and that these rednecks dont need guns. the whole state of alabama now has a profile of low-class irresponsible white trash citizens. the show clearly is a propaganda agenda all while wearing a automobile show mask. im puerto rican and love nascar and budwieser and guns. i geuss that means im a redneck that is full of hate and violence right?

In Topic: Another asshole ruins pb

05 December 2010 - 06:09 PM

This isn't football, you don't have ANY legal right to attack somebody for any reason, that is battery no matter what the circumstance, and if I was him, I would have called the cops, had you arrested, and sue your ass in civil court, (on top of the criminal court) for twice what it's worth. You are one VERY lucky guy for not being sued, you would have possibly the weakest defense that anyone has ever had "well we were at a paintball field, and he shot my brother cause he was on the other team, so I tackled him" seriously, people killing in the name of god has a stronger case than that (lets not make this a religious debate, you must prove that god is real before using it as a defense, as almost all forms of god are not within our universe he cannot be proven or disproven so that defense can only go as far as insanity)

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although you have merit in your statement and im about to sound totally hypocritical while i agree with you, its people like you who are turning this country into u.k. . theres nothing wrong with good ol fashion whats up puttin people in check. its people like you who are trying to push the docile or perhaps homosexual movement in this country that we dont need. nobody needs to be sued.sue if a bike falls off the ceiling of walmart and splits your head open.sue if the cdl holder didnt check his tire pressure before hitting the highway and killed your whole soccer mom family.people like you and lawyers are outta control with the sueing bullshit. and the fact that your legal knowledge is a bit flawed , the true offender here is the bonus baller who of which clearly knows right from wrong being a regular experienced patron of the field , who assaulted a person and provoked another to commit the 2nd offense by tackleing him, all at the expense of personal enjoyment/disregard of rules and peoples safety. the shooter was the catalyst of the whole spectrum , and can be counter sued for damages to the 1st victim and legal expenses by the aggravated who clearly was aggravated by the clear definition of his true defense 2nd, and finally be sued by 3rd who would be the field owner for loss of buisiness and reputation. the field owner has to work on letting his people know that his field is not outta control and that its a regulated field and safe to play there while no rampant rule breakers or police have to monitor. you need to lose your mindset that helps the system protect the criminal and persecutes the victim.


In Topic: JT Sports and KEE Action Sports named in lawsuit involving patents

25 November 2010 - 12:06 AM

^^ yup. my uncle is an ambulance chaser.

but in all seriousness after reading the pdf , i highly doubt kee did not realize that the patents were expired. seriously , ill say that
again , i highly doubt kee did not realize that patents were expired. when you are as corporate as kee and buy companies left and right , you know what you have in your hands. when your as big and incorporated as kee , you already have departments of specific professional teams that handle all aspects and manage your legalities such as patents, insurance , compensations , taxes everything. not to mention , when kee established themselves in the paintball industry , its not like they brought in a whole shit ton of new people who have no idea what paintball is. most of the nps and empire affiliates were brought on (as if they went anywhere).take rusty glaze and simon for example. imho , i can see kee intentionally letting the patents remain on the box while knowingly realizing the patents and patents of the companies they have acquired remain advertised. they changed designs on a fuck ton of packages and logos on all their products accross the board like invert , but yet didnt have the time to remove the expired patents? lol. i dont think so. actions like this would deter alot of other paintball companies from doing things that could have made varients or products or improved versions of products if they had known the patents were expired.maybe even companys starting up out of the blue making products that would otherwise be infringing. thats why this is an issue. even though i hate to see scumbags like the firm being initial about shit out of pure greed , especially when it comes to paintball , but the wheels on the bus go round and round kee.

In Topic: New Upcoming SFT-NXT Shocker Frame

09 October 2010 - 04:35 PM

My only concern is that shockers sell in the used marker for $150-250 and this frame alone is going to sell for 150.

this. i mine as well pick up a second shocker for the price of this frame. however the frame is lookin like it is the shit !