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dislocated shoulder

18 January 2010 - 02:19 PM

dislocated my right shoulder yesterday during breakout drills on new phx layout. doctor said as it dislocated it tore ligaments and tendons and also abrazed a major artery causing it to contuse filling my socket with blood and fluid. i didnt bother asking the doctor when i could play pb agian or if i would be able to play psp phx in march because the doctor just isnt knowledgeable of tournement paintball and how demanding it is as compared to his narrow visions of probably walking slow in the woods with a paint machinegun. so is there anyone on here that has had a dislocation before can give me health and nutrition advice?is it a reality for me to be able to play psp phx? im already taking anti inflamatory and pain pills. ive never had a dislocation before.has anyone healed fast within like 5 weeks or what? will it ever be ok to play psp paintball without worying about this rehappening over and over? someone tell me something good lol