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Huge gear bag sale. MOSTLY BRAND NEW ITEMS!

03 June 2010 - 07:20 PM

The rules:

1.NO TRADES!! Please do not offer because im only looking to sell these items, thanks.

2. Mod Note: All offers to be in the sales thread...No PMs

3. If you want to use a Third party system (one of the mods here) i would be more than happy to do so however you must pay for it.

4. All of the items are listed for sale separately, however, i will bundle any and all items for a discount.

5. More pics can be added/emailed upon request. I did my best to get as much detail as possible but if you want a different angle id be happy to supply.

6. All items will be shipped USPS.

7. Mod Note: Seller pays all PayPal fees.

Item: Red V-Force Grills
Condition: 8/10
Known problems: Only thing wrong with them is a dime sized circle of very minor scratching on lenses (not noticeable when playing) , other than that like brand new.
Whats included: Everything that it came with new: Box, microfiber carrying bag, chin strap and visor.
Asking price: $50 shipped.

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Item: Tippmann 98 Custom ACT
Condition: 8/10
Known problems: None, only 8/10 because its been used a few times and would no longer pass for LNIB
Upgrades: Response trigger, Expansion chamber.
Included: Stock barrel, macro line and foregrip to return it to stock from expansion chamber, for an additional $15 you can also get the pictured 14 in J&J ceramic.
Asking price: $50 you pay shipping, ($65 with J&J barrel included)

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Item: Wrek Paintball 3 pod pack
Condition: 8/10
Known problems: None, just rated it an 8 because its dirty from being used, no rips or loose stitching.
Included: 2 140 rd pods.
Asking price: $15, you pay shipping

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Item: Extreme Rage 2 pod pack
Known problems: None
Included: 2 100 rd pods
Asking price: $10 you pay shipping

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Item: Viewloader Evolution 2
Condition: 7/10
Known problems: Small half inch crack on black shell above neck (not bad)
Asking price: $15 you pay shipping

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Items: 2 20 oz. Co2 tanks and a 9 oz. Co2 tank
Known problems: none
Asking price: $20 for all, you pay shipping
Born on dates: Brass eagle 20 oz. 6/07, extreme rage 20 oz. 10/09, stryker 9 oz. 07/09

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Items: Brass Eagle Stingray 1, Brass eagle Talon, Brass eagle blade
Condition: Stingray: 5/10-internals are kinda worn and has a slight leak but still shoots, includes 12 inch barrel. Talon-7/10 shoots great and no leaks, missing some screws. Blade:8/10, Nothing wrong just a lil worn.
Included: just the guns
Asking price: $30 for all 3, you pay shipping.

I took apart the talon and blade and cleaned all the internals really well.

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I also have a ball caddy and an XL 07 JT USA jersey, red that i will include for free if someone buys a few items at once.

WTT like new 07 JT jersey XL

15 March 2010 - 08:37 PM

Item: 07 JT jersey, extra large

Color: Red and Black

Condition: Like new

Problems: None

Shipping: Negotiable

Price: $30 (Looking for trades)

I bought this jersey with some other items thinking an XL would be the perfect size (was told XL was as small as you wanted to go). Well i tried it on and it is too big for me so now i want to trade it for a jersey of a smaller size, preferably large.

It is like new. No stains or rips. The only time i wore it was to try it on. I could add a little cash or something else if necessary but as a last resort only, mainly looking for an even trade.

Let me know if youd like to see more pics, its kinda dark in my room.

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WTB jersey and pants

26 February 2010 - 11:39 AM

I want to buy a cheaper pair of pants and a jersey. Year doesnt matter. Im only interested if they are LIKE NEW. No rips or tears or stains please. Post then pm me with offers. also if you have one and the price is right i might buy a caddy too. Thanks.

Trying to remember these old pods i had. you know them?

26 February 2010 - 03:41 AM

I remember back in late 2002 and early 2003 i had these strange pods i never used them because they were so bulky but i cant remember the kind they were for the life of me. They were black and pretty long and the top wasnt a flip lid it had a sleeve like thing at the top that you pulled down and the lid came open and was basically like 6 or 7 fingers that opened up and a rubber band wrapped around them to hold them closed.

For lack of a better example it was almost like an uncircumcised penis LOL. you slipped the cover down and the top opened up then when you were down you just started pushing the sleeve back towards the top of the pod and the rubber band brought the fingers together and they interlocked covering the hole.

Just got my rotor in the mail! WOOT!

22 February 2010 - 01:30 PM

I was wondering what speed feed you guys recommend using. Ive heard dye's is pretty good but they weaken rather quickly. Any other good ones?

Also any tricks to cleaning it? The manual says just use water, any useful tips besides dont get the insides wet lol. Thanks! pumped to go full auto with it for shits and giggles.