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Father of a new paintball player needs advice

28 January 2010 - 05:50 PM

Hello, I have a son who wants to own his own paintball gun. He has played at our local field with all the rental equipment but would like his own. His 16th b-day is coming up and I would like to spend around $300 for a gun. I've been surfing the web and found a marker by DP called a G3. My local paintball shop said it was an "ok" gun, but maybe I could look for a used higher end gun for the same money. So I started searching and found a 2006 Bob Long Alias Intimidator. My local paintball shop said a stock one in good condition working properly was worth about 300. This owner of the Bob Long wants 350 because he has a lot of upgrades he says. The list is quite large:CP reg., CP rail, CP self-bleeding, CP trigger, volumizer, CCM feedneck, Pillow Bolt, 160 psi gauge, Bob Long Virtue board, Contract Killer grips, and at last custom eye covers, whew. I don't know what half these things are. Do all these upgrades sound familiar or is it just baloney? If it is all real and works well is it worth 350 and is it too complex or complicated of a gun for a first time gun, and would the DP G3 be a better buy for a noob? 350 is a chunk of cash for me and I dont' mind if it's a wise purchase. If you have any other advice or suggestions please help. Since I found techpb on the web I watched a lot of videos and have learned quite a bit. Thanks.