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In Topic: Illinois Reball Field Thread

26 January 2013 - 11:19 PM

He had a funky hat and used pistols instead of a pump to play the sniper position. Pistols is unusual for that position, so when I saw on your vid that you switched to pistols for a minute, I thought you might be him.

In Topic: Illinois Reball Field Thread

24 January 2013 - 10:23 AM

Rotors work well, jam occasionally, but usually pulling the shark fin fixes it. I've seen people have trouble with the Halo Too. Not jamming, just iratic feeding. I don't know if there are settings for the Halo Too and they had them wound up too tight or what.

Hey Chicago Paintballer, were you the guy who played Sniper for Rock and Roll Death Patrol at Chicago UWL last September?

In Topic: Illinois Reball Field Thread

13 January 2013 - 06:14 PM

I run the Westmont Yard reball program and I got a little more info for you about Advanced Open play. Chrono is 240 and he is right, we are usually busy as hell running other things so we don't look over everyones shoulder when they chrono, though we do check people randomly. I've only had one person ask me to check someones gun because they thought he was hot, and he shot 238, 239. I haven't ever caught someone shooting hot. If I can, I'll try to do more spot checks.

Firing modes are semi and PSP 12, though if someone wanted to shoot something else and on one else had a major problem with it I wouldn't say anything about it. We're all big boys and girls at Advanced. Cheaters cheat no matter what they do, and reball is no different (though I find cheating in reball even more retarded than cheating in paintball). Sorry about that.

We literally pick up reballs all night, virtually without stop, so that games can run continuously, but we do occasionally lose a minute or three trying to pick up balls. We still churn games out at a pretty good rate, I think. I have limited games to 7v7 max to help us keep up (We can only pick up balls at a set rate of speed, so the difference between 7v7 and 10v10 is 6 guys shooting about 500 balls each. Game after game, that adds up. Plus it is really hard to pick up balls during 10v10 games). I asked one of the players at Advanced how many balls he shot that night. He check his shot counter and came up with something like 4500 balls. And yes, we pick up a shitload of little green lint. We blow the balls off and get most of the lint during open, but some guys don't want to wait. I wish it weren't that way, but it doesn't seem to really bother people.

Our bunker set is full PSP 2011. We don't have the elbows from 2012 and we won't have whatever PSP comes up with for 2013 either. Normally our field is full PSP length but about 30 feet narrower than full size, though occasionally we get to set up full width if no one is on the next field over.

We do our best to make Advanced Open legit, and a lot of it is on the players, so I am always glad when we get a high level of competition at Advanced. We have had a better turnout since changing the format from Team Practice to Advanced Open, because individuals and half-teams can show up and get time in, rather than having to have full lines show up. Its been good. Do a YouTube search for "Westmont Yard Reball" for some good, recent video footage.