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In Topic: what is a good marker for around $250

09 March 2013 - 11:14 PM

People are throwing out guns without getting enough info from the OP.

OP, if you're still following the thread we need some info from you.

First, what kind of ball do you plan on playing: speedball, woodsball, or both?

Are you interested in any kind of milsim or railed guns or just want a normal gun?

Do you have a reliable access to HPA or will you be using CO2?

Once we get these questions answered we can give you a better idea of what you're looking for.

Assuming you don't care about milsim markers and you have access to HPA, I can suggest 3 guns in your price point of $250: The Proto Rail, the GoG EXTCy, and the Dangerous Power G4. The G4 is slightly more expensive but still well under $300.

All three of those guns require HPA and a decent loader, so expect to throw another $150-250 on top of that for a tank and hopper if you're buying new. You will also need a mask which is another $40-100 bucks. All of this must be taken into consideration.

My best advice is to go to a store or field and actually hold the guns you're looking at. Try the trigger. Run some air or paint through them if you can. Talk to people who own them and ask them what they like and dislike about their guns and if they've had any problems. Talk to the field and shop owners about what guns are reliable and which ones break more often. This is not a small amount of money you're spending and once you purchase the gun you wont be getting back what you paid for it, so make sure you're confident with your decision before you buy. I hope this helps.

In Topic: What would be the best non eletric gun

04 March 2013 - 09:31 PM


If it has to be new I would say a tippmann.

In Topic: Autococker?

04 March 2013 - 08:12 PM

You know how certain guns use 'autococker threaded' barrels? Well the reason they are called that is because autococker was the first gun to use that threading, and cockers were so popular that other gun companies started copying them so they could use their barrels. From about the mid to late 90's until the electros hit mainstream (and even after) cockers were the gun to beat. Back in the day the hottest debate in paintball was cocker vs. mag (as in automag) kind of like chevy vs. ford. It was based on a gun called the sniper which was a fairly complicated pump gun. Someone figured out how to make it cock itself (hence the name autococker). Anyone who was serious in paintball in the 90's owned at least 1 cocker. They did come out with an electro cocker called the e-blade but it couldnt compete price wise and eventually wgp went out of business. The coolest thing about the autococker is actually its biggest weakness. Autocockers have to be configured properly in order to work. A working cocker is said to be timed properly. There are 2 steps to how a cocker fires. The first step is the hammer drop which actually fires the ball. The second step is the 3-way actuation which causes the ram to recock the gun and put another ball in the chamber. It has to happen in that order or the gun won't work. The tighter you have the gun timed the faster you can shoot, but screw it up and your gun doesn't fire at all. Sort of similar to setting up dwell and recharge in a modern electro.

Here's an animation to help:

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