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Azodin Zenith for $190. Worth it?

03 March 2013 - 05:31 PM

Short version: I can get a brand new zenith for $190. Should I go for it?

Long version:I used to be big (more like obsessed) with paintball but in the last few years due to various reasons I stopped playing. A couple of people from my work invited me out over the weekend so I dug out my old ion 1.0 and went with them. I had fun and I am thinking about getting back into it but my 7 year old gear is falling apart so I will need to update. I don't know how often I will end up playing so I don't want to drop a ton of money into a gun in case I end up losing interest again. I found a new Azodin zenith for $190. Design wise it seems like enough gun for me but I have not heard great things about their reliability. Should I go for it or get something a little better like a G4 or PMR? I would also need a hopper since my 5+ year old VLocity is literally falling apart. If you recommend a gun please make it under $300. Thanks.