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In Topic: Advice on Setup

18 December 2014 - 11:59 AM

You have a fine setup. A mask you can see out of and a good gun setup that will keep up. I could gun down anyone with that setup. Get out there and play, get better, and have fun. I wouldn't worry so much about equipment anymore..

Get some pants and pads later has you need them. When that time comes, I would recommend knee pads before pants. Paintball pants don't have as much padding in the knees to really protect that well.. Valken, Empire, GI, Dye, Proto, Eclipese, etc are all nice knee pads, get whichever you like the most. But paintball pants are not really needed at all. You'll see a lot of advanced tournament players that aren't sponsored don't even wear them. Not worth the price for pants. Just buy a pair of camo ones or kahkis from the thrift store if you want to look cool.