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22 May 2013 - 11:53 PM

MWPL has 3mans. Check paintball-players.org(APPA) for registration to the Midwest Paintball League <=Most legit league Ohio

Splatterpark usually has 3man Jams I think. I don't think they have announced any dates. I know they got a new speedball field (FINALLY!! It was long overdue!) So I would imagine they would be having some this year as well. Best bet is to ask them next time you're at the field.

I wouldn't drive all the way to Plex in Indiana or anything for a simple 3man when you have ones closer in Ohio that are fine. Not too sure about any others to be honest.

There is a 3man SIDS Awareness Tournament:

Played the SIDS tournament last year, goes to a good cause. Lots of cool stuff donated to it and raffled off. I ended up getting a planet eclipse shirt, a squeegee, bunch of stickers, and it was just a fun time.

In Topic: Activity Advice...

08 May 2013 - 11:46 AM

Build shit, remodel your own house, make some furniture, barns, boat, or something.
Chop wood
Yard work / gardening
Make an Obstacle course

In Topic: Kirko's Fitness Thread

06 May 2013 - 03:19 AM

Got to 154, then had a couple cheat days. Gained 4 lbs during those :/. Went back up to 158. Now down to 152.6lbs. Trying not to have anymore cheat days until I get to under 150 maybe to 145. Hoping I will be at 150 the end of this week. It is finals week, so I shall see how this goes.

I want to be at my 135lbs goal by time PSP Chicago comes around at the end of June. I think it is very possible and realistic goal. I am not even working out, this is just all diet and I am dropping it so easily. Finally getting to understand how slow my metabolism actually is, and what I can and can not eat. Regardless of calorie and macro tracking, bread and soda seems to keep me from losing weight.

In Topic: Ankle Wraps

23 April 2013 - 10:09 PM

I started using knee wraps under my knee pads. It definitely has helped secure my knees more than the pads were doing. And for sliding the knee pads still help absorb/reduce the impact. If you're having ankle problems, it is definitely worth a shot! Personally I would try the ankle wraps that are like a brace rather than using athletic tape having to tape them up every time.

In Topic: Advice?

23 April 2013 - 10:04 PM

So, quick questions. I am recovering from major leg surgery from Febuary 2012. I will be attending my first scenario events since the surgery on may 5th, and I'm medically cleared to do whatever I want as tolerated. Problem is, I have shin splint like issues due to the muscles in my legs being basically killed by surgery and being in a wheelchair for 2 months, and the issue still persists. I was wondering what you guys thought would be the best way going about the big game, and how to decrease pain before the game (exercise more, execise less, etc.). Any advice is helpful.

Try doing those rubber band exercises for your legs. I know when I had surgery for my ankle I was told to do them as a rehab. It helped a lot with getting some flexibility and strength back in my leg. It helped me recover quickly. You can probably youtube some of it if your doctor didn't show you. I still do them here in there almost 10 years later to keep rehab'n it.. It definitely still helps. I can tell a huge difference with how my ankle feels after I do them. I still stretch and exercise frequently but I should definitely use the rubber bands more often than I do. I recommend trying that it has helped me a ton.

Also try getting some Taurine supplements. It is suppose to help with shin splints. You can get a bottle of it pretty cheap like $10. There is taurine in energy drinks too, but it isn't enough to actually help, I would get the supplement.