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Poorballer Returns....

20 December 2012 - 09:09 PM

Whats up TechPB, well here i am. I got out of paintball to chase other interests but now i have decided to return. Some of you may remember me from LLV and the previous events, proudly (self) proclaimed official "TechPB Good Time King"
if you were there, you know why... a few of you may have had my wallet for a few hours. Well i havent stopped partying and having a good time.I have however stopped drinking Jack Daniels...at 9 am anyways.

The point is im back bitches and im here to play paintball. If i pissed you off before with my loud attitude and my...um how do i say over the top(?)sense of style, sorry but i am who i am and i love it. But this is about paintball and thats what im here to do. talk about my favorite sport.

Im in need of some catching up so if people can explain whats happened on the Technical Paintball since i left it would be much appreciated.

Thanks and you'll be seeing me and my boys at LL6

Swaggged out ODST NT and SP-1

04 April 2012 - 08:25 PM

Please Close

High School Kids

24 January 2012 - 07:27 PM

Okay, so my younger brother started his second semester this year at our local high school. He is on the Varsity LaCrosse team because my parents put both of us in the sport early so we both are good and my parents donate a Lott of time and money into the program at the school. He's the only freshman on the team so naturally a lot of people know him and he hangs out with the rest of the team who are Seniors and Juniors. They were at a party last Friday and I guess they were all intoxicated (or something this is details he told me over breakfast Sunday) and they went to a local restaurant and there was a group of other kids there and they didn't like how my brother and his friends were acting, so the one kid tried to act like a bad ass and started a problem wit my brother and my brother was like " Whatever dude, just let me eat these eggs" and the kid taunted them again and all the LAX players got up and threw the kid back in his seat and told him to shut the fuck up. My brother always the one to have the last word says "Hey Morgan( lax player) I hooked up with this girl at Emilys house. Yea some whore named Ashlee( the girl the other kid is obsessed with but she doesn't like him but she's nice to him because she doesn't wanna be a bitch to him). The other kid goes off on my brother about " defending her honor" and then made a Facebook page called "Stupid Fucking Jocks" and made my brothers face the profile picture. He called for kids at the school to " teach these asshole jocks a lesson" and to "stop letting them ruin our school". This kid carries a knife around and wears combat boots to school. My brother plays Varsity LAX and has a 4.2 GPA and has 3 D1 schools looking at him and he's 15. Who's ruining the school?

Anyway, I'm just curious as to what you would do in my situation, as in what advice would you have for my brother. The school made the kid take the Facebook page down but he still talks about wanting to beat up my brother to " defend the woman he loves" at this underground "industrial" concert place where all the Goth/Alternative kids hangout around here. I'm not saying anything about his lifestyle choice and that's not the point of this post, this is a general question and I'm asking for advice, mainly from the high school age members of the site for advice.

TechPB Recon 2.0

17 January 2012 - 06:57 PM

Well friends its that time of year again and so as usual I'm starting to get a squad together for LL5. We had an awesome group last year and even though we had a few injuries we kept bringing the fight right up to the oppositions doorstep. I had amazing help from Kevin and from Squire with running and organizing the squad last year and we were a highly mobile strike force and were able to accomplish the mission directives put forth by our commander and helped win the event for Mike and all of the amazing people here on TechPB. Willie said it best " without you guys there'd be no point to fly al the way up here to play the event" . I had a lot of fun running the recon platoon for TechPB but this year, Im gonna organize the squad again but at the event the line officers I appoint will be in direct command of the players on my roster.
Good times were had by all last year and who can forget "Andy" and the infamous glow stock fight with the bikini contest girls. The player parties were fun and the game was a blast and I think I ruined it for a few of my guys by pushing them so hard. So this year, I would like to invite anybody who played for me last year to post up in here ( namely The engineer with the Victory you were there with your girlfriend, sorry I forgot your name) I want to bring back All the guys from last year and be even better onand off the field this year.

If you have any questions or would like to get a much faster response, email me at sam_cundari@ yahoo.com or tweet me @ Delta_Cundari

Thanks guys and I look forward to a productive 5 months of planning and strategizing with all of you