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29 January 2012 - 01:44 PM

so not sure what im going to do now as im starting to think about selling the superbolt and see how much i can get for it Posted Image and buy a check it v2 mini of the bst since those already come with the vendetta deluxe mini pump kit and check it internals.

decisions decisions

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29 January 2012 - 01:42 PM

if i can gather up the cash for this this week im hoping i can buy this from you by next week

In Topic: Pump, the evil addiction, and questions ...

29 January 2012 - 11:50 AM

CCM is great. Their products are awesome, and they have amazing customer service as well. Any frame will fit. The only frame that won't fit is the one from the new empire sniper, the holes are spaced differently. Any frame will be fine, but I'd recommend a CCM frame if you want to get a/t. But the sanchez frame would work just fine. It really depends on the size of the paint, but I'd get either the eigenbarrel or any barrel that takes freak inserts. I'd get the freak or deadlywind if you have the cash. And I'm not sure if the superbolt has a threaded feedneck, hut if it does, it takes STO/Timmy threaded feednecks. I'd also look into getting a bob long cam drive asa, they are my favorite.

yep it has a threaded feedneck and im going to try and see if i can find out what threads it is for sure because i just looked and i read it was ac threaded feedneck and im not sure if sto's have the same threading. but i think im going to just spend the extra $10 for the ccm 86 frame over the sm 45 frame.

so far i have decided for sure im getting:
ccm lower tube
ccm 86 frame

i might just ccm it out if i'm positive im going to keep thisPosted Image

In Topic: Pump, the evil addiction, and questions ...

29 January 2012 - 11:07 AM

The only thing that will be different would be the valve, some use 11/16 valves, like the trilogy and mid block black magic.

oh so i was looking at this lower tube kit but it doesnt fit a factory Black Magic half/mid-block. i can maybe just call them since i have always heard they have great customer service.


and what about grip frames can anyone tell me if standard ones will fit this body?

and as far as barrels go what do you guys think is the way i should go deadly wind with a .675 freak insert, a freak barrel kit, CP two piece, dye ultralight, lurker, not sure of any other barrels. ive only owned two CP two pieces

on my list of parts to buy so far i'm thinking of getting:
-ccm lower tube
-sanchez machine delrin bolt
-sanchez machine 45 hinge trigger (if it fits)
-ccm clamping feed neck
-and a barrel (still trying to decide)
-a cheap dovetail rail and nice on/off asa

In Topic: Pump, the evil addiction, and questions ...

29 January 2012 - 02:42 AM

It might be hard to find someone selling just a pump kit (when I sold a ccm pump kit, it was sold within a couple hours), it would be much easier to find a complete or at least mostly complete sniper with some good parts on it. No real advantage to using an lp or hp tank reg, it will run fine on either.

well thanks im waiting on the pump kit then and since internals are universal somewhat i can always buy them and use them on another gun down the road too.