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In Topic: Looking for a new Spoolie

25 January 2009 - 10:48 PM

09 pmr definately. unless you want to put hundreds of dollars in the shocker. bolt/board/reg/asa would all have to be replaced before I would shoot one. But the gun definately looks badass. One of my favorite milling designs

In Topic: FEP Quest vs G3 vs dm4 vs pm6

25 January 2009 - 10:44 PM

The Quest is hands down the best value on the Market, PERIOD. If you get one and it doesnt have the tooless bolt removal I would recommend that. They have the Goldmember HE bolt for $25 now it'll get you another pod+ per fill. but even without it I still get as good as what the droid/geo advertises. It doesnt really need upgrades except for personal preference. I have a cp reg and direct mount and the leverlock on my feedneck. I even still have the stock WAS board in it and thats rare because I usually upgrade to an aftermarket board pretty quick in my markers.
This gun is comparable to all of the high end guns it just doesnt have the rep. I had a DM6, a PM7, a shocker with every imaginable upgrade, as well as an angel gat and have gotten rid of all these guns because I shoot this gun so much they were just collecting dust.

Yes this is just my opinion. If you are set on one of the other guns I would say go with the either the DM6 or or a proto with an ultralite frame. the DM4/5 are inferior to the proto line without the UL frame due to the size and ergonomics of the guns. Minions are dirt cheap right now also.(same as the protos just different milling.)

In Topic: Favorite Gun Poll

25 January 2009 - 10:20 PM

AKA guns are like butter, so smooth.
which is weird that my second pick is an old shoe box shocker. one of the dumbest designed guns ever as far as regulator placement and hoses going everywhere. but the thing was ball on ball and never moved when it fired. could probably attribute that to the fact that it weighed about 12 pounds though.
my other pick is the FEP Quest. performance wise I put it right up there with droids, geos, luxes, and the PM line. (No I dont include the shocker. It belongs in the Ion category) and for the price(under $300 right now) it gets the nod over the comp.

In Topic: Most Efficient Guns

25 January 2009 - 10:05 PM

AKA excalibur = a case off a 3000 psi fill. Winner hands down end of argument
next Viking. doesnt have to be made in todays market. highest bps. (unless the new ego vid is legit. dont know what the settings and the fps. but real balls per sec at legal fps the viking is the boss.) plus it gets over a case on a fill and is the most consistant gun over the chrono except the excal. only knock is the weight. id rather have speed, consitency, and efficiency plus the most reliable and low maintenence gun in the history of the world over some shaved weight. (though the milled versions are some of the lightest guns out, but still has a tall profile)
next Cyborg
last Vice

In Topic: NPPL declare bankrupcy

01 December 2008 - 03:53 PM

I just posted this on PBN after listening to everyone freak out, or go the usual i like/hate because the nppl/psp is crappy/awesome, in response to a unified league using one or two formats (xball and 7 or 5man. also should have a pump league cuz thats blowing up).
so here it is. I welcome any comments or questions.

Regional Leagues! The way to go is to use the regional leagues! Keep the Xpsl, get them affiliated with CFOA, NEPL, CTS, (random xball leagues), and whoever else can generate attendance. These leagues will allow the fields to bring in money, and can be used for seeder points like regular season games in most other sports. Then you can throw 3, possibly 4 national events strictly by the psp/nppl or whatever comes out of this whole situation spread out across the whole year (beginning,middle, end.) These events will can count the same as a regional or most likely weighted so that at the end of the year the top teams can be invited from each league and we can have a true national champion competetition in each division. As with most I would prefer to see HB, and cup as the two definite locations, with the other one or two spread out to make it more feasible for centrally located teams to attend.

Now I'm not for sure but I would prefer cup to be the last one of the year where a normal tourney can be held but also have a field for the invited high seeded teams to determine the series championship. This is to not disclude the teams that want to just compete in that one single event.

Less tourney dates means more attendence per event and less strain on the teams and more bang for your buck for the promoters and vendors. This allows some the burden and also cash to go to the regional fields between the 3 national events.

So the timeline would go. HB. 2 regional events per league. THe midseason tourney location wherever that is decided to be best. 2 more regional events per league. and then CUP! that would give teams 7 quality tournaments. to attend with overall way less travel time if they are playing in their area and also that keeps them from having to skip events in their region to go to the national event, once again putting more revenue back into the fields that keep paintball alive.

if this doesnt make sense let me know. But i think this would be the best possible solution.