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What I want to see.

24 November 2008 - 11:15 AM

Here's a few ideas that I've been wanting to see that aren't just "hey I want to see this gun".

1. MQ valve put into a cocker.
2. Half-blocking an autococker.
3. Review and installation of the new RF loader technology. (soldering for a pulse?, magna, hater)
4. Goes along with last one. Drop or on-gun tests with loaders with aftermarket boards. (cheetah,angry,symbio,virtue,ganstar, etc.)
5. Comparisons of guns with other guns in its class. REALLY interested in a Creed/Cyborg Rx/Ego 9. OR Geo/Droid/Luxe/Quest. Doesnt have to be a this one is better, but more of this gun offers this and the others don't, and possibly give chrono readings and an accuracy test with the guns set up in a stand shooting the same paint, through the same barrel, with same air system over ten shots to give a visual comparison of how they shoot and what kind of spread pattern they give. (sorry that was long, I just don't want "this gun is nice and so is this one too.")
6. Video on how to make your own reg tester. (really tired of companies saying set your reg to this pressure but not telling you how.)
7. Mike playing XBAll with the Paintball Bow!!!!
8. Review of the Magna/Prophecy feed system and compare to the old halo system.
9. Haven't got to see how an SPPL event works. I'm not a scenario player but it sounds fun. How bout some video coverage?
10. Spyder to intimidator conversion. I've seen some bad ass ones. Can Mike the Timmy Master make one that shoots worth a damn?