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Geo2 Pics

18 May 2010 - 12:51 PM

We got to try out a Geo2 at the UK Masters event this weekend so took a few snaps of it.

Bit of a quick review, before I start I have to say I'm an Ego fan rather than a Geo fan.

It seems smoother than the original Geo, but I've not shot the original geo a lot. It's not that there's no kick, there's a little bit of barrel rise but that's it.
Air efficiency isn't bad, it's better than the geo but not as good as an Ego 9 or 10. I put a 45 tank on it with a 3000 fill and it shot a prophecy and few pots no problem.
It will shoot until the tank is practically empty, the gauge on the throttle was on 250psi before it started struggling.
It had the 16 inch version of the new shaft 4 barrel on it and I put it on my Ego 10 to compare it to the shaft 3, it was quieter than the 689 shaft 3 and the accuracy was pretty much the same.
The trigger seemed miles better than the original geo trigger.

Just an initial impression after putting about 1000 balls through it so take it with a pinch of salt Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image