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thoughts on a magna loader

11 August 2011 - 11:19 AM

title says it im thinking about picking one up. so i am curious about your idea's/ warnings about them thank you. i already have a rotor and love it my friend has a pinokio. im looking to get a cheap secondary hopper to replace the eggy i have now because i really dont like it.

wgp karnivor

10 July 2011 - 01:15 AM

so up for sale today is my wonderful karnivor. this marker has never let me down minus the first cocker setting lpr fun. i love this guy but its time he found a new home since i really dont use it any more and it is a crying shame to just have it as a mantle piece. so off to a new home where it will have the love and attention it deserves.more pictures upon request i took pics of what i thought was every thing but im not you guys happy viewing

Marker: wgp karnivor serial# 4537

Condition: 8/10 minor nick here ity bity scratch there. that you have to be looking for to see right off the tip of your nose. some back block body wear from previous owner

Color: silver and black

Upgrades: cp detent to preserve the original one. smartparts maxflo can be included for right price. otherwise it will come with a cp asa. wrap around grips. unidentified lpr i think its a palmer's micro rock.

Known Problems: if this is a problem to me its not zero b board.
Asking Price: 450-550

Shipping Options: usps

Trades of interest: victory's, closer's, dye navigator gear bags, droids, rx's offer up you never know.

Location of item: Minnesota

What is Included: original box, original detent, .689 kaner, maxflow for the right price. wrap around grips

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mummy shoot down problem/mark 6/7

27 June 2011 - 10:01 AM

i was at the field yesterday and half way threw the day i started noticing some first shot drop off nothing bad but noticeable. later in the day i could only shoot about 40 ft in front of me and they had no velocity behind them. took it home cleaned and lubed the engine and the problem is still here. if i start shooting more than two balls a second it picks up and shoots better but its still under 100 ft. is it just an lpr problem or what? does any body know where i can get a pressure tester for a mark 6/7?