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Yeah, I wasn't intending it to sound like manual safeties are bad for everyone (in fact, I suggest first-time shooters use a gun with a safety so they can deliberately ensure nothing happens unintentionally). I was hoping I could throw enough "personally"s and "in my opinion"s in there to show this.
I just prefer DA/SA with a decocker at most as that's what I've use the most and what I feel most comfortable with.

Sure I could get some more training on the 1911 and similar designs and even come to like them. But currently, I have no real need as there's plenty of options that fit my current preferences out there.


But to those who enjoy the 1911? By all means.


That is one thing I do so enjoy about the firearms world: so much variety!

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Here is a haiku

Enjoy your school spirit now

It soon won't matter

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I typically carry my LCP in a pocket holster when I'm out and about.

Never had the need to use it yet, which I'm thankful for.