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G3 vs Upped PMR vs stock DM6

04 October 2008 - 11:11 PM

Hey everyone, I currently have a stock G3 as well as an upped PMR(freak barrel, ndz trigger and feedneck etc). I am having a lot of problems with my G3 and am thinking of selling it onces it's fixed. Would it be worth it to use the PMR over the G3. I also have someone who wants my G3+100 for their DM6.
What is everyone's thoughts?
If I sell my G3 then i'm going to UL my PMR.

Broken G3--"Bolt Stick on Steroids"

04 October 2008 - 10:56 PM

Hey everyone, well I recently purchased a G3 from a local shop and was excited to try it out on the field. But a fresh battery in, lubed it up all nice and walked up to the chrono. Turned the gun on AND....pssst pssst pssst. What the hell? :o Bolt stick? :huh: Tried doing a couple more shots and it started shooting after maybe 40 trigger pulls. Shot about half a case through it and the problem started happening again after I had taken a lunch break. Unscrewed the backcap and pulled the bolt out. Checked o-rings and such, everything was fine, but the bolt back in and it worked flawlessly for the rest of the day.

Cleaned it and lubed it perfectly when I got home and I let it sit for a day or so.
Pick it up the next day to dry fire it and it happens again. <_<

Took it back into the local shop and the tech looked over it for about a 1/2 hour. Noticed that something on the solenoid may be too loose or too tight. He now says he has to take it back to his supplier and get a tech to check it there and possibly replace the solenoid. Has anyone had this "bolt stick on steroids" problem before with there G3. If so, did you fix it and if so, HOW??? :angry: