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It's alive! Timmy project build finally done after 3 years

04 May 2013 - 10:54 PM

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Built as a homage to my... dog (who's still alive but so awesome she deserves one in life).
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Parts description (top to bottom & front to back):

  • Empire 2k2 feedneck
  • WGP Kaner barrel " .682" " bore (bores out at .680")
  • Scenario dreams blue laser eyes with spacers
  • ANS venturi bolt with bored out air passage to the same diameter as body air transfer hole
  • Blast hole mod
  • Gen3 LPR
  • Gen3 mini volly
  • Evil front block, drilled for alias set screw and tapped for 10/32 barbs
  • 3/32" ID barb on front block to 'noid port
  • Empire poppet with gen5 cup seal, mechanical dwell shortened to 2.7mm
  • Alias ram sleeve, barb ports tapped for 10-32 barbs
  • Belsales swivel QEV on front barb port
  • Lurker eigenram/spring
  • CP gen3 adjustable ramcap
  • 3/32" ID barb on rear port
  • Crankwalk m3 barbs on 'noid
  • Mac43 'noid
  • Azodin rock steady reg (mostly for aesthetics)
  • 2k5 frame
  • Alias trigger guard
  • Modded gen 4 trigger
  • UTB with 2200uF capacitor and original 2k2 board on/off switch
  • Olive Invert .45 grips
  • Empire mini rail
  • Dye airport non on/off ASA
  • Pure energy tank with LP shim-stack, output @ 300 PSI

I'll dial the regs in as soon as I have some paint, but in the end I expect it to work at about 200/65 PSI, get almost a case off a 68/4500 with a decent underbore, the .682" kaner (which is actually .680") should help with this, and be as smooth as my FEP quest.

Special thanks to:
  • Juit @ IOG
  • Lurker @ IOG
  • The Incubus @ IOG
  • Damon @ scenario dreams

And any and all who contributed parts for this project