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I was 15. Went with some high school friends to play at an indoor field at a huge gun shop called Shooters World in Phoenix, AZ. Was hooked after that. Rented guns for a while, Tracer pumps, Tippman sl68's (I think they were called), VM68's, etc. Finally bought a Tippman Pro-Am as my first gun and wore JT Whippersnappers. After that it was auto-cockers and JT Proflex's :D

1995 played my first 10 man NPPL event in San Diego, CA.
1995 played NPPL World Cup in Kissimmee, FL.
Played NPPL 10 man events as amateur, with a short stint being pro', through to about 2001.
Quit the tournament scene for a long time and came back in 2009.

I have some pics of my old days below:

I wish I had the sense to take more pictures at all the NPPL events I went to in the late 90's :( But digital cameras were not really the norm' back then.