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In Topic: Invert TOO on my T2

27 September 2011 - 02:39 PM

I honestly dont see the point in having a Invert too aka Empire B2 for your pump maker. Extreme rage 100rd hopper is all you really need. Not unless your on the level of Total Grief or LA Hitman. But if its a deal you can not refuse then by all means go for it. At least its another hopper in the bag.

I rather doubt being on level with Total greif or LA hitmen but i can assure you that while i have played around with an extreme rage while recballing it is far from sufficient to my needs in tournament; to give you an idea playing middle i shoot at the very least loader+ 1 pod per game and as usual that one shot that you skrew up is the one that would have gotten a player out. So if that golden garenty of every pull of my trigger equals a shot out my barrel, i'm will to take the extra few grams. But thanks for the input and i hope i dont come off arrogant or anything.

I've never had a ball break in a revvi. that's odd. They're super gentle on paint. It's possible you broke the paint diving or something - but that happens in any loader.

The too would be fine. The revvi will feed a solid 8 bps - so it seems really unlikely you're out shooting it.

dunno man. rotor is pretty spendy for what it is but they work good.

too would be a good choice as well. you don't really need a super loader for a pump - you just need something light, reliable and effective.

Honestly I think the problem lies in my revy, the ball breaks inside the loader werent from a steep dive and happened a week apart (moment from which i stopped using my revy) and I guess the frequent jams must be due to it too. I have used a few that worked fine and mine did too till a few months ago but its become too much of a hastle and finding one in good condition and at a decent price is similar to a needle in a haystack over here in Ol' France.

Well anyway thanks for the input guys, it has helped.

In Topic: Valken V-Max is junk

26 September 2011 - 05:04 AM

Cant wait for the video.

In Topic: Invert TOO on my T2

22 September 2011 - 11:41 AM

If you are out shooting a revvy, you must be setting records. But if you must have force feed I suggest the vlocity jr. Only $40 new and much much lighter than a halo 2.

I'm not out shooting it, its just happened once or twice (really more due to a jam than anything else, but a jam none the less with quality paint).

And the new halo TOO is going for around 40$. The whole weight factor is important but it cant be all that bad, how much more is it compared to a rotor?

In Topic: Invert TOO on my T2

21 September 2011 - 04:29 PM

I find it sadly not 100% reliable, and have had it break paint inside the loader on two seperate occasions (pro-hd) which isn't great.
I also play back center, missing that one ball while laning or having a paintball break inside a loader isnt a risk i'm willing to take.

I do like my revo though with all its lightness etc, just not when I have a job to do and dont want to take any chances.

In Topic: barrel for azodin pump

12 September 2011 - 11:29 AM

A teammate of mine used a two piece 14" 685 CP on his KP+ yesterday, worked great (shooting prohd and marba all day, 1 break) and he was extremly pleased with it over his stock barrel.
I personnally run a cp 14" 685 one piece on my T2, works great and i prefer it to the alternatives i've had (ultralites, caron boomstick etc).