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Thoughts on the pricing of the Empire pump

27 September 2011 - 03:52 PM

I recently had an interesting conversation with a individual involved with the paintball retail arena and i found the topic of the pricing of the new empire pump to be rather interesting.

On one hand you have the product:
  • cocker based pump
  • auto-trigger
  • "nice" regulator
  • "nice" on/off
  • "nice" barrel
  • clamping feedneck
  • "nice" body
(What i mean by "nice" is seemingly "high end" or at least not cheap.)

That is produced by Kee:
  • huge (relatively speaking) customer base
  • huge distribution network
  • large manufacturing capability


On the other hand the way I see it you have CCM markers:

  • Generally high end "semi-custom"
  • Proven design and product
  • Current representation of High end pumps
Produced by CCM:

  • small (here again relatively) but solid customer base
  • tiny distribution network
  • small manufacturing capability
Other factors to take into appreciation:
- CCI with the Phantom and the not yet released Revolution.
- Bob long with his not yet released pump.
- Empires Trracer.
- snipers with kits.

So those are the factors i find important, here is my train of thought:

Based on the pictures, this product screams "quality"; nowadays quality is most seen in the details and this pump sure has them.
But Quality also brings about that annoying factor, Price.
To choose the 450-600+ bracket I think would be unwise, that would but them DIRECTLY at conflict with CCM products. The reason i find this would be a bad thing for the product is that the fact that Pump isn't Semi, most beginners want a gun with some firepower, not one you have to cock to shoot; i would be tempted to say that the pump crowd is slightly more "refined", if you're willing to spend 500+ on a pump most likely you've heard of CCM (which lessens empires advantage due to customer base and distribution network) and of their fabulous customer service.
So would someone looking to get a high end pump buy a factory gun or a semi custom gun for the same price which is just as good if not better?

Same problem if the Empire pump is in the 380-450$ area, i find a pump purchaser would be willing to save up the extra to get a CCM (as on top of that, the lower price of the EP reduces the "novelty" factor which can play a lot).

Then again, if Empire lowballs CCM by putting their pump in the 250-300$ area, this could be a hard blow to CCM; this option allows Empire to take full advantage of one of their major pros, their manufacturing capability; this capability generally means lower manufacturing cost and thus a cheaper product to manufacture in large numbers.
By doing so Empire could take a good part of the market (however small it might be) and with a good commercial campaign maybe expand that market.

And of course the <250$ bracket seems to me out of the question due to the apparent quality of the product and the noticeable closeness to another product not too far from the same market, the empire Trracer.

The opinion my friend with which i had this conversation was more along the lines that the distribution network that empire benifits from is huge and may very well choke out CCM in certain parts of the market, be it here in Europe or over in the US, what ever the price bracket (and thus the bracket would be high, in the 550$+)

So that in a nutshell is my general thought, tried to shorten it down as much as possible to make it bearable, thanks for reading and all inputs =)

Invert TOO on my T2

21 September 2011 - 04:02 PM

Heres the deal,
i've found a good offer for a Invert TOO new and i'm thinking of buying it.
Ordinarly when playing in pump tournys or team pratices i manage to borrow a rotor every time but thats getting old.

I used to play with a primo, then my good ol' revo but i find you cant compair it to a force-fed, the garenti just isnt there 100%.

So i was wondering, will the invert too be okay? does it exerce a lot of force on the ball stack? Am i worrying for nothing?

thanks in advance for the input =)

Canon 500D

06 August 2011 - 12:55 PM

I've been wanting to get a decent DSLR to get into photography for quite a while now and was looking to buy a D3100 new the next time i had a friend coming over from the states (i'm currently residing in France). I'm not a complete noob when it comes to photography, i've played around a lot with a 550D (notably during two millenium events).

But the other night while out with friends a friend of a good friend who is quite into his photography told me that he was selling his 500D for 250 (doesnt need it, has other cameras and a 7D on the way).

So being the humble beginner that i am i was wondering what you guys thought;

- Good deal? Really good deal?
- anything i should look out for before buying?
- Compared to the D3100?
- decent for first dslr?

I should add it comes with the default lens and apparently has seen very little use.

Thanks for your thoughts guys :)

Best poppit for the cash

29 June 2011 - 10:49 AM

So currently i'm playing in the french pump circuit but have played a few games in french D2 and D1 divisions; i've only really played with spools (as in a DM9 and GEO 2) during league matchs/trainingsand last time i played after having shot 3 cases through the GEO 2 i realized i actually disliked quite a bit the lack of feed back i was getting from the marker.

Seeing as i will be needing a semi of my own one of these days (cant be always nicking someone else marker!) i was wondering what you guys thought; which would be your top poppit and why?

To be honest i've only shot a few pods through an ETEK3 (looking for a bit more than an ETEK), a hopper through a EGO 10 (wasn't really enough to base an opinion on), a pod through a DPF F8 and i think thats it; to be honest i think i would be interested in some sort of EGO or maybe a G6R (if its worth all the cash).

So what do you guys think?

Airsoft secruity guidelines

23 June 2011 - 05:08 AM

Hey guys, so i'm friends with this paintball retailer who has just gotten into airsoft retail too; after having talked to him about it he has agreed that adding some sort of leflet on security precautions etc to each sold replica would be reasonable and helping gesture seeing that there airsoft related incidents in my region.

So i've already started writing up something (i would post it but its in french) and was wondering if you guys had any ideas or notions to include in it.

Thanks in advance for the help!