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In Topic: Hey, whas up?

06 March 2010 - 03:20 AM

Thanks for laying out the welcome mat for meh BIGBALLA! ha

Yep, cant wait to get my hands on a pump!Posted Image I love it in all forms!
Going to try out one of those Azodin Kaos Pumps everyone is talking about (just for starters)!
Ha, I'll probably play pump just as much if not more than with whatever new semi marker I get...
no better was to make my balls stretch! ha, well, other than a hook and a ten pound weight... erm... ah... no. Posted Image

In Topic: Delimma

06 March 2010 - 03:09 AM

Hey, sorry it's taken me a while to reply!
Went to the shop, All they had was bloody spyders and tippmanns!! I need to find a better shop,
which sucks because then next closest shop is 40 miles away! T_T
So I've been researching what I can online and here's what I've come up with:

  • Infinity Legend
I think this is my favorite pick right now. Watched A LOT of videos on this and I LOVE the sound it makes, I can almost feel it (yay for hooking your phone up to speakers)!
Also, this marker has SEVERAL features that I like. And, for the things it's lacking I feel I can upgrade it (on/off asa w/ forward macro, feedneck clamping, maybe a stock).
Love the easy Maintenance (I clean my markers completely every time I use them, its fun! as long as it doesn't take 2 hours.... T_T). And everyone says it's a rockin semi-god.
If I can get the money in time to purchase this before they're gone I will get it...
Black and Pink fade hopefully! Woo! (Shadup!) Posted Image

  • Bob Long Protege
Ok, so this one I completely passed over, thanks for the suggestion! I kinda see it as a rival (or comrade?) to the Legend, but I couldn't know that for sure without shooting both of them.
I'm not sure, but the maintenance seems a little more intensive, but not enough to worry about (mikes superglue tip is genius! ha). I think I may just get one after a while
if I can find a good used one. I don't want the vice because it seems to be mostly looks? After posting this I'm going to throw up a Protege VS legend post if no one has before.

So, it's between those two. I'm very thankful to everyone who posted. So I want to explain how I narrowed it down.
Some issues I had with picking the other options:

  • Angel A1/Fly
First off, thank you OEFVetran for the detailed suggestion!!
I had considered this, I knew about the cool stock, but I have a few little issues with this marker. Number one being it's a BEAST to
maintenance if you have to do anything other than mess with the bolt. Yeah, I know, it rarely ever has problems, BUT... I like to take
apart my whole marker and lube it often! I love doing it, but I don't want to spend 2 hours on it! And, it's like, one of the most intensive
processes on any marker (imo), to get one part out you have to take off like 4 other things before you can safely get to it. I'm a ballur
not a surgeon, sorta. Now, all that aside, I love angels! Like you said, beautiful noise, smooth as baby powdered silk, and awesome LCD.
The other bother, the price, might as well get a cyborg or an ego10 for 200 more... I can't find used prices, so let me know what they
usually run for if you will! Posted Image
  • Invert Mini
Ok, so, not having had one and just going off of other peoples mouth words, I've heard these are hit and miss on getting a good one.
Now, that aside, I DID manage to hold one in the shop, it was like the ONLY non spyder/tippmann marker they had I think!! T_T
it's too small in my hands! Posted Image
I can practically shoot it with both hands! Haha, 8 finger walk?? :rolleyes:

  • PMR

  • Bob Long Mtac
While I LOVE the foregrip design and the ability to use a stock, I HATE (HHHHAAAATTTTEEEE) FAKE MAGAZINES!!! I'm prejudice and I don't care! Posted Image
  • MacDev Drone
Still unsure on this one seeing how there isn't much info (that I've found, yet!) on it. Still looks cool though.

  • SmartParts Sp1
Sorry, I just can't bring myself to buy another smartparts marker, not a least till I know they are back and have for sure changed their ways!

Anyways, like I said, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help! I look forward to making some purchases and more importantly playing some

In Topic: Hey, whas up?

06 March 2010 - 01:21 AM

hey dude welcome to techpb;) but try and not say retard , thats not a word in techpbs vocab Posted Image but fuck, shit , ass is Posted Image

haha! thanks! I'll keep that in mind! Posted Image

Welcome to TechPB. I see that you like pump, thats good. We could use some more soldiers over here on the darkside (TechPB slang for pump players).

E>E>E> pumps <3<3<3 Posted Image

...I'm hoping that I can get some of the ol' shit heads at my field to play pump with me.

YaY! Cursing! Woo! Look kids, Adults! Posted Image

And thanks to everyone!!
I'm really enjoying this forum!
I've been reading a lot (from my phone, which is AWESOME btw, I wish everyone had mobile capability! Hmmm, TechPB bb-app??)!
I'll start posting more when I find the time (writing on a phone sucks, even on a qwerty)!

(I'm SO ADHD, with all the parenthesis! haha)

In Topic: Hey, whas up?

28 February 2010 - 12:55 PM

wtf is your picture of????

lol and welcome to tech pb

My avi? Its a picture of Gray Fox (Frank Jaeger), the Cyborg Ninja from the first Metal Gear (on ps1 anyways). He is my favorite video game character!

And thanks to everyone!

In Topic: Hey, whas up?

28 February 2010 - 04:20 AM

Hey, welcome to TechPB. If you have any sort of question let us know!
and good to have you back, dont let that church use you like that and make your work. Just play for fun and hopefully you can meet some people and maybe get a team.
good luck, and again, welcome!

Hey thanks! And believe me, i will! haha
riiigght after i do a quick search for the answers! ha

As for a team, man that'd be awesome! Practically drooling thinking playing again! Posted Image