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03 March 2010 - 06:18 AM

Ok, first off... I hate windows... a lot... if it were a living being I would brutally murder it.
I just spent like 3 hours writing this, was about to post it and my computer decided it needed to restart. EVIL HAPPY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, now, I am re-typing it all from memory... joy.


no...... I need a smoke first..................


Ok! Better! =D


here we go! Again!
OK, so I'm new to the TechPB forums! I haven't played paintball in like 2 years and am looking to get back into the sport! Woo fun!
Anyways, a little info about me and a hello to ya here:

I've been wanting a nice marker for a while now, and I finally have the money to get one!
Getting tired of my ol' 98c (doesn't even have act), I really enjoyed the years I put into it
but it really doesn't suit my style anymore. I've played with a lot of friends markers (don't ask me
what markers, I'm terrible with names T_T) and I think I know what I like!

What I like:

  • 45 or Sling triggers, a really good semi-shooter, no wobble, micro, and the feel of cold steel! =)
  • on/off asa's with the macro out the front not the side
  • vertical feed necks T_T
  • simplicity, and easy maintenance
  • Good for woodsball play, And really good in speedball
  • Durability, i like full metal, not thin walls
  • Really nice stock parts, barrel, asa, reg, eyes, clamping neck, trigger, board
  • lcd screens, bleeping lights are ok, as long as it's easy to use and really customizable
  • butstocks, sometimes it's annoying, but I can't live without it!
  • foregrip, I love a horizontal foregrip, I don't always use it but it's nice to have
  • good ergonomics (I have long arms)
  • Poppets, awesome design, easy to maintain, great noise!
  • sound, I like a loud, intimidating, thud
  • easy to slide out bolt and clean on field
  • no chopping T_T
  • Upgradability, as long as it's REALLY good to start with
  • weaver rails, I love them, I really like the top ones to run 45 along the sides
  • Great balance (with stock)
  • being able to rip a high rof when I want

I don't like:

  • Rake and single triggers, and anything that shoots 3 balls when you shake the damn marker!! TRIGGER WOBBLE!!!
  • Bulging Bottles in my shoulder!!! My biggest gripe! I hate it! I like stocks, but they get annoying sometimes too, I don't like to have nothing there either!
  • Fine feed neck threads, they scare me... :<
  • 50lbs markers (2~3lbs is good)
  • regulators that twist in my grip
  • crappy stock parts
  • finding lubricant in my barrel
  • Really long, or short, body.
  • milsim, I like rails, but I HATE fake magazines
  • corny looking grips, or grips that don't feel good
  • Clown colors, I like black, black and hot pink maybe, camo, but all those colors make me puke!
  • Markers that try to look cool, or pretty! All markers are ugly! (well, except Mikes old Species, Gawd that thing was beautiful <3)
  • Having to take apart the whole damn marker to maintenance it! BS!
  • Just polish the damn thing, gunu make me pay all that money, bs!
  • Plastic parts T_T high grade plastic... it's still bloody plastic
  • When little kids make fun of me for the marker I'm using... T_T I don't really care... :'(
  • parts that only fit on one marker
  • leaks like a sib every time you mess with it
  • Sardines!!!

Things I don't care about:

  • insane rates of fire
  • weight (well, mostly)
  • looks (mostly)
  • Who it's made by (welllllllll....)
  • little kids that make fun of my marker T_T

I know what you're thinking. Yes. I own an ION. T_T
not even going to talk about it. I'm selling it ASAP! Ha

Alright, so, I'm looking to get a beginning to mid ranged tourney marker...
somewhere around $300-500. Later I'll get a bling machine and give my little brother whatever I buy now.
I've been looking around and all I've come up with is more questions. So I thought I'd ask you guys!

Here are some I'm looking at:

  • SmartParts SP-1 w/Blackheart board
Now, I know this isn't the best choice for me (doesn't line up with a lot of my likes). AND, I'm not sure I EVER
want to own another SmartParts marker again. AND, its spoil, not a really big deal but... BUT... Mike and MANY others gave it rave reviews.
My only concern is, if I get this will I be forever doomed to the stock parts. I mean, is SmartParts DONE?
Doesn't sound like a smart idea to buy a marker that's company is gone. I'm sure there will be aftermarket
parts for a while? Maybe. Anyways, I'm just not sure how good an idea it is to get this.

  • Infinity Legend
So, this seems like a great buy if I can get it before they're sold out. It has a LOT of things I like, and it has
great reviews! But, are they going out as well? I've heard they may just be making room for new stock (markers)
but who knows. I'm more inclined to go this route even if they are going out, looks like a solid marker.
My only question is, if I can't manage to buy one while they're liquidating shout I buy it used?
How much risk is there in buying it used? Should I just buy another marker new over buying this used?

  • MacDev Drone
Hmm, this looks nice, comparable to the SP-1?? All aluminum, I like that, but, wonder what it weighs...
what do yall think? Option 3?

Anyways, that's my dilemma! Any insight would be nice, especially seeing how it's now taken me 5 hours to write this... T_T
if yall can think of any good markers I'm not thinking of or missing around those parameters please let me know!
Like I said, this will hold me off for a good while (maybe through the summer? meh) until I get what I really want.

Looking at the Droid RX or an Ego 10... NT looked nice till I saw it has no LCD T_T
but we'll save that for later

tomorrow, erm, today I'm going to go to the pro shop and see about holding some markers for the ergonomics...
HA! take that windows! spell check HATES me! hahahahahaha!!!!! >8D
Well, it's been fun! Time for another quick smoke and I'm off to bed! =D
its 5am! YAY!

I'm also getting an Azodin Kaos Pump
I miss pumps
and pistols....
erm YEAH! BED! Ha

-edit, spelling error... sorry, perfectionist! -

Hey, whas up?

28 February 2010 - 03:40 AM


So, I'm new to TechPB! I wanted to say hello to everyone and tell ya a little about myself in the process! I had heard about TechPB a few times, can't really recall where from, but I never looked into it. I did see a few YouTube shows, but didn't realize what I was watching until recently (clutter brain! Ha!). after watching several shows I found it cool that someone was spending the time to spit out so many awesome informative video's, with a real passion about what he says. I have been fed up with the poor little retards at PBnation, and the zealous "woodsball" minions on SpecOps with their "this is how woodsball HAS to be, oh, and speedball is teh gey…" mentality (sorry to real retards for relating you to those people! :< you're defiantly still smarter.) Anyways, I've been watching TechPB for a week now, and noticed that this community is for the most part (nut in every family! Posted Image) the genuine article! As such, I decided to join, and if everything in my life stays steady i'll be around! Posted Image

Moving on! So, my name is Joshua, I usually go by sQoshua (think squash, not skosh… pewy.). I live in Oklahoma, like 2 miles from Adventure Zone paintball, and like 2 or 3 hours drive from D-Day! I'm a biggun at 6'5" 280lbs (and a pretty aggressive player), so I tend to intimidate little kids when I play! Ha! I'm 24 years old, and I started playing paintball around 1999! Still remember that first game, ahh yeah, i'll have to share some funny paintball stories some time! Ha. I played a lot of paintball growing up, out there at least every weekend, if not I was playing in the woods with my friends out at my house. I think I've owned like 5 markers, pretty much all crap, but had a lot of fun. I have got to play with a lot of old skool markers too; I think my favorite was an old sl68 pump! Starting in 2001 I helped my friend Colin and many others set up and run a field for my church's Youth Summer Camp, I did that every year until 2007. I busted my aurse off (quite latterly, I lost like nearly 30lbs every summer, only to gain it back in the winter! Haha), I helped build fields on the huge piece of land we had, I filled tanks in our crap shed with no a/c (or electricity for that matter), I cleaned all the guns (gawd we had so many different types of markers, and sometimes I had to fix them without knowing how. eventually I convinced them to get rid of the crap and get like some cheap piranhas, GREAT field gun! So easy to maintain, and really durable, they STILL work! …where was I???), I reffed till I lost my voice (and kept going), I made sure every person within 500ft of that field was safer than boy in a bubble, and I received a lot of thanks from parents and youth pastors from the kid's churches. I did just about everything and more, and so did anyone that came out to work with me in the gawd awful conditions we were in.

I won't rant about the terrible things that church did, but I will say it successfully put me off paintball for a while. The last year I tried to help I got heat stroke, and all they did was whine at me. So, I haven't played in 2 years, and it's about time to kick out the jams once again! I plan to get back into paintball and really enjoy myself, I miss actually playing. I am going to get a good marker and tear it up! I bought an ION (T_T) a while back just to feed my paintball addiction (never actually used it). I bought it with intent of upgrading it (not really knowing just how crappy it was stock), haha, I didn't even hold it in my hands at the store, I just said "one please!" Sigh, don't normally fall for the "hype," ah well… so I'm going to sell it and maybe get a INFINITY Legend, heard it's an awesome semi-shooter, which I LOVE! Also it would probably be a good choice seeing how my field is semi only (I hate their crap paint :<).

Well, I hope you don't mind my long windedness, I love talking! I hope that I can bring something to the table of this awesome paintball community! I'll try not to get on anyone's nerves (ha! Right…)! Sorry for all the parenthesizes! Aaand, I am sorry if that was a bit ranty! I do that sometimes… Thanks to Mike (and all the people that put on TechPB) for an awesome show! I love it!

~sQoshua Rittzer

- Didn't know where to put this -