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In Topic: What is the most powerful gun?

14 September 2010 - 09:04 AM

bigballa & csskiller - it's called sarcasm, look it up in the dictionary. I know you don't know what that is since the first part of my original post about 800mm cannons in WW2 and ICBMs didn't draw any comments.

In Topic: What is the most powerful gun?

13 September 2010 - 08:57 AM

Probably the most powerful guns ever were the German Schwerer Gustav and Dora 80cm railway cannons, made and used in WW2. Of course, these were replaced and the top of the destructive food chain these days are Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles with nuclear warheads.

Oh wait, you were asking about paintball equipment. I'd say the most powerful marker available is a VM-68. Ever felt the kick on those things? It's almost like firing a real gun. Of course, they weigh more than some real firearms, and I'm not just talking about pistols.

In Topic: I Have a couple Questions

12 September 2010 - 08:41 AM

So i Have a couple questions About AGD'S e-Mag and X-Mags

-Are they expensive

Define expensive. They generally run $500+, which I would consider on the a little expensive side for just one marker.

-Are they Easy to find

They hit the FS forums in waves - one month there will be 3 or 4 up for sale, the next month there will be none.

- What threading to they Use for the Barrels

Autococker threaded. I think it's possible to use one of the Automag bodies that use the twistlock barrels, but the 'cocker threaded bodies are nicer and more desirable, so they tend to all be 'cocker threaded.

Your best bet to find out more about these markers and get one for yourself is to peruse the forums at the internet's gathering place for all things AGD, Automags.org.

In Topic: questions about an air america apocalypse reg

12 September 2010 - 08:37 AM

First question I have: is the tank itself in hydro or out of hydro? If it's out (generally 3 to 5 years after the date of the last hydro), is it past the 15 year destroy date? Because if the tank is not salvageable, the first thing I'd do is just buy a whole new setup from Ninja Paintball.

If the tank can still be used, I'm pretty sure you can swap out an Apocalypse reg for another (also suggest Ninja here for both their hydro service and their regulators).

In Topic: Setup help

12 September 2010 - 08:27 AM

From the MEGA Newbie Guide v.2:

Okay, don't worry about buying a marker at this point, unless you can afford everything all at once, your best bet is to follow this hierarchy:
1 - paint and field fees. Playing will do more for your game than better equipment will, so go play more and buy less stuff.
2 - mask. Having a good mask and being able to see because your mask is not fogging up will not only improve your game, that mask is also usable with any other piece of gear and any style of play (open, semi, pump, stock class, tourneys, scenario - they all work!), so invest here early.
3 - hopper. Any marker shoots faster and chops less when it has a faster feeding hopper. Since hoppers are almost universal with any marker out there (can't put a Halo on a stock-class pump, so they're not totally universal), this is something that can be moved from one marker to another.
4 - HPA tank. High Pressure Air behaves more consistently than CO2 and doesn't fluctuate pressure as wildly with changes in temperature. Once again, because of standardization across the industry, you should be able to use a HPA tank on your starter marker AND it's high-end replacement.
5 - pod packs and pods. What can I say about this one? Unless you switch from tourney speedball to stock class, you'll be able to haul paint for any situation with a good pack and some pods.
6 - marker. This is what everyone seems to focus on, but should be about the last thing you buy - they're expensive, they get updated and changed out and discontinued and replaced every year by their manufacturers. Unless you have a sponsorship deal, find something in your price range that does what you want to do and stick with it. The longer you use any tool, the more familiar it will become and the better you'll be with it.
7 - marker upgrades. A good barrel set, a degassing on/off, and maybe a board that has the settings you need for whatever tourney style you prefer, that's all you really need. Most aftermarket parts aren't worth their hype. Spend more money on paint and field fees, and save the rest for lube and o-rings, the things that wear out on markers.

Don't believe me? Check out what Mike has to say about it.

Read, watch, learn!