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In Topic: New Bolt & Prop Shaft coming from Planet Eclipse

22 December 2008 - 10:27 AM

ok so i took my geo to the tech and im getting the board update and the newer propshaft so what i want to know is whats wrong with the bolt? as mike said they were sending out "new factory drop in bolt and prop shaft"

If Ya Didn't Notice In The Review Mike Did On The GEO It Wasn't Exactly Efficient! For everybody's complaining about efficiency on Shockers they looked great compaired to this gun! Not Bashing Just Stating a Point These Guns are still pretty sick!

In Topic: A little GOOD publicity

27 November 2008 - 01:21 AM

Great Video I Wish Paintball Got More Coverage Like This! Excelent Safety Procedures and a Positive Outlook and Promotion for the Sport. This is What We Need.

In Topic: Discovery Channel Outrage!!!

26 November 2008 - 02:52 PM

Who of the Industry caught site of this video? This Webste is not part of the industry nor are it's users.

This Video Was Broadcast On National Television! You Don't Think People Have Seen This!?!

In Topic: Discovery Channel Outrage!!!

26 November 2008 - 02:50 PM

if we jump down the throats of every single media company that tries to do anything related to paintball, we're going to come off as a bunch of nazi's who attack anyone who attempts anything related to paintball

Everyone begs for media companies to do anything paintball related, yet when they do, a million 12 year olds email them in protest with everything from death threats to insults

Paintball is a boring fucking sport to watch. This is coming from someone who plays it every single weekend. Sorry, it's boring to watch people play in the woods, it's boring to watch people play XBall, it's a BORING sport to watch

So what if the Femmes did a goofy skit at the end to liven things up a bit. Who cares if they're mask was up, big fucking deal

You saw the movie "Something about Mary" right? Remember when Ben Stiller was in the batting cages taking pitches without a helmet on? Do you think every little league baseball player on the planet emailed death threats to the producer screaming at them "Why wasn't he wearing a helmet in the batting cages?!?!?! You guys are portraying the sport in a negative way!!! Someone could be killed!!!!"

That's what so fucked up about paintball. We are so focused on how we want the media to portray us, yet even at their worst attempts, they make it look 100 times safer and more fun than it actually is.

Paintball players are so focused on shit like this, yet how do WE treat new players the first time they actually step on the field? We bonus ball them, we overshoot them, we snicker and laugh at them with their rental masks, tshirts, jeans and rental guns, as we enjoy the luxury of ramping guns and electronic hoppers.

Sending these producers anything but a "Thank You" email makes us all look like fanatical assholes, and ruins any chance of them revisiting paintball on their show again.


Wow I am Appaled by Mike's response!
Yeah I can see that exposure is good but what the fuck she could have easily lost an eye if she simply flinched the wrong way! So What!?!

So when somebody does something sutpid off the field ,for example like shooting some cars in a parking lot and ending up accidentally hitting a baby getting nursed, We're All Supposed to Rise Up and raise money and this and that! (not that I had anything against that I thought that was the right thing to do)

But if somebody does something stupid on the field, like say a professional player taking off their mask mid-game or shooting someone without protection on (especially on a nationaly televised show), then So What!?! What, we're not supposed to say anything about this or try to do something about it?

And the whole media shpeel for the most part all they are interested in is ratings and they really don't care if they do any damage in the process especially if nobody says or does anything about it!

This makes me think that maybe I had him pegged all wrong! Hopefully he'll prove me wrong.

I don't know about other players but My team and I have always prided ourselves on helping out new players as much as possible and discouraging others from putting them down and such.

In Topic: Discovery Channel Outrage!!!

21 November 2008 - 03:23 PM

seriously, cannot stress that point enough


But I'm Soo Angrificated! :angry: