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In Topic: Playing Against Newbies

04 July 2014 - 01:28 AM

First of all, any decent field will avoid mixing rentals and equipment owners. However seeing how business ain't doing that well around here some fields have little choice. These days I often carry a pump marker in my gear bag for when I show up and I get thrown in with the rentals. Before getting a pump marker I used to turn whichever marker I was using that day into semi mode and would not walk the trigger (I'd shoot with one finger.) It has gotten to the point where I also restrict myself when I'm amongst newbie equipment owners. 


I'm privy to a fair amount of inside information from field owners, and yes douchebags hosing down rentals and newbies *are* killing paintball. I think Mike Phillips may be right about the adverse effects of high ROF in recball. 


When I show up with a bunch of friends and we 'scare' the locals, it helps showing them you're not a complete asshole. Especially with kids, I take the time to talk gear, answer their questions. I let them try my markers. What we do also is that we split up: if me and my friends that day we're say 8 players, we split up 4-4 with the others. We now have two sets of jerseys (one green, one blue) for when we split up. When we see that one team wins 3-4 times in a row, we change some of the parameters of the game to let the other team stand a better chance at it. 


Basically, it boils down to this: yes it is fun to get "kills" and win games. But if it comes at the expense of other players' enjoyment of the game, they'll start thinking paintball isn't that great for what it costs. And then you have nobody left to play with. 

In Topic: BYOP days gone

02 July 2014 - 06:56 PM

1) knowing that Badlands charges $55 for a case of INKA Silver, how much would you want to pay for that at a field? We all know you hate $40 Hotbox so ignore that stuff
2) how much would you be willing to pay for BYOP entry?
3) how much are you actually saving if you come, pay BYOP entry and have to buy your own paint somewhere else?

1- Anything from $60 to $90 (if the field is really awesome) seems fair to me. 
2- I would say $30 (which is about what small, low-volume fields pay for good paint.) Although I don't think BYOP is a good business model for most paintball fields. However one of the advantages is that if I know a given field has crap paint, I can at least get something else. 
3- Not a lot. I can get decent paint for $45 a case. If I have to pay a BYOP fee of $30 I'd obviously not be saving that much.